It’s Day 16 or so of the Ice Storm Crisis. Thousands of people are still without power in some areas.You might have noticed you’re getting one issue of The Nation on top of another. This is because ourproduction office was without power for most of the time, but we’re back up and running.

This editorial is going to be short, to the point and simple.

Congratulations to all Crees. I personally went to the South Shore and entered the infamous Triangleof Darkness. There I saw for myself the wretched conditions. It was appalling but also uplifting ina way.

It was uplifting because I saw all the assistance that the Crees provided to the needy people of theSouth Shore area. I have nothing but praise for the chiefs and councils, entities and people for theirfast reactions and responses to the crisis.

My mother told me that one Elder in the community had said she found it a bit of a turnaround to besending aid to the south.

That in itself is true. It also meant that Crees really had no contingency plans for emergency aidmeasures to the south and this made the responses all that more amazing. I think that the Cree Nationas a whole can be proud of itself. We all came together and did what had to be done.

People cut wood, stacked it, cooked food, came to the Montreal area to help out, donated money, paidfor hotel rooms, gave up generators, provided trucks and equipment, free flights and the list goes on.

If in any of the stories on the Cree relief missions, I missed mentioning assistance, please feel freeto give us a call. I wish to acknowledge all the aid that was given by Crees and their entities.

In the next issue I also hope to mention all those who tried to profit from other’s misfortunes.Then if you wish to boycott these profiteers, you will know who the cold-hearted are.

For now, here in Montreal, I say to all in the Cree homeland, be proud because of what you did.A people sleep easier tonight knowing that the Crees cared and helped out.