The corporation met in OJ two weeks ago. Being full and equal shareholders, we went to find out what was happening and what the big fuss would be this time. Would it be Great Whale? Mining in Cree territory? Hidden millions? We could only guess as we hadn’t been supplied with the proceeding’s agenda beforehand. I love the drama and comedy of these events. I can sit through the tedium a supposed orator brings to the circle to experience it.

We arrive, for once, on time and fairly alert. A large red and white tent which reminded some people of a circus had been erected close to Lake Opemiska. There it stood surrounded by the green, brown, earthy visage of Ouje-Bougoumou looking like some wayward alien ship. We stop short of entering and to drop our gear by the door.

A participant walks out and approaches. “I’ll show you to headquarters” he says in untranslatable Cree.

“Have you heard?” he asks once out of sight. Don’t tell me, I think, and ask instead, “What?”

“Where’ve you been?” he said, smiling to himself. “You’ve been living in the south too long,” he continued matter of factly.

“There’s a war on. Which isn’t a bad thing in itself. But the problem is most people don’t know it and the rest don’t care.” “Oh, that,” I said. “I read about that in the Bible.” He opened his desk drawer and pulled out a document and a glass container he said was for medicinal purposes. He threw me the glass and laid out the document on his bare desk.

“The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, yes, NASA is up here. Now what would an aeronautics and space agency be doing up here?” he asked almost to himself. “I guess they didn’t find anything interesting in space. What do we have they don’t?”

Breaking out of his reverie he asked hopefully, “What have you learned?” “That can wait,” we answer and head back to the tent.

The assembly was just getting underway. “Do a head count,” said my partner telepathically. 150, 170 tops. “IQ level?” he asked. “The same,” he chuckled. “Get visuals on silver,” he ordered. We wandered physically, telepathically. Studying, gathering, listening, memorizing.

“What are they doing up here?” one of the gathered asked. “The dams? mining?”… He paused… “UFO’s?” My partner’s eyes met mine. “No!” he exclaimed in his head. Ignorant laughter erupted around the Earthling round table. Ernie smiled that smile he usually smiled when conquering a world. Our secret was safe. Our plan for super-friggin-mega-intergalactic domination is on track. Today Iyiyuuschii, tomorrow the world!