I’m sooooo tiiiired. My last vacation, if it can even be called that, was no help. My brain and my body need to get away together, to rest and rejuvenate. My typing speed has slowed to about three words a minute. Why did I not get a warning on what to expect when I came to this planet.

I would have cancelled my reservations. On the bright side, I’ve shed several pounds of very ugly fat cause I eat about once a week. Sometimes, when things are going well, three times a week. I’ll have breakfast on Monday, lunch on Tuesday and dinner Friday evening.

That being said, a few items that are sure to interest several readers.

After receiving tons of submissions for the win-a-Date contest, a winner was chosen. Erland Campbell, who still owes me tons of cash by the way, tells of his date with Montrealer Andrea Segal:

My win a date contest winner, Andrea Segal (Boy! is she tall!) and I enjoyed a pleasant night in Montreal. We started the evening by dining at the famous Bar-B-Barn. I had chicken and Andrea had ribs, and can she eat! For a 6’1” frame she needs to!

She was quite interested in all the things I’m into so we talked mostly about me and my career. She is very intelligent and has a good sense of humour. After a pleasant meal we headed off to see “Breakdown” A thriller!, and a thriller it was because in one scene Andrea grabbed onto me as the thrill was too intense for her. She needed something strong to hold on to. I gladly obliged. She has a strong arm.

When the movie was done we headed off to Déjà Vu for a nightcap. We couldn’t talk too much as the music was too loud and we both were getting tired, so we left shortly after. I drove her home and thanked her for being so daring to venture out with me. All in all, it was an enjoyable evening and I would like to thank Mr. Neil “Skinner” Diamond of “The Nation” for this night on the town.

Also I hope all my fans in the North got a chance to see the movie, “Extreme News.” I also wish to thank “The Nation” for being instrumental in giving me a chance to publicize my pursuit in music and acting. I would like to say hi to all the people I’ve met from the North, you know who you all are, and to Dale House of Chisasibi, “What’s-ta-mattah?, ya yella?

Erland Campbell.

He writes yet again:

Hello all,

just to let you know that I couldn’t sleep last because I saw myself in Albert’s movie, what a rush!!! I’m going to need_______,

__________,___________and____________ to overcome this fame thing. Someone please advise me where I can obtain a constant flow of these things, I was thinking perhaps Neil could help me.

On the brink, Erland.

*You will notice the “first goose” story on page 7 has nothing on my home town of Waskaganish. People there have been extremely hard to reach lately. They have either been ordered by the authorities not to talk to the Nation or nobody’s killed any geese yet. Very mysterious that place.