Sometimes I wonder if we Crees really do live in a democracy. You hear about Crees being denied their paychecks unless they vote in a referendum. Other Native people who can’t even vote for their choice of National Chief. Powerful chiefs bulldozing resolutions through while other “chieves” sit by and wait till later to say or do anything. Others waving cash on election day. It’s so disgusting I’m thinking of contacting the Roslin Institute (yes, there probably is a relation), having myself cloned and letting my double deal with it while I lie back and watch the whole sh*thouse go up in flames. But the thing is my double would probably feel the same way and then he’d want a clone. It would never stop. So cloning really is no solution. Wait a minute, how about cloned geese, that would solve the goose problem we’ve been having these past few years.

We’ll have to ask the Elders and maybe the Roslin Institute before we do anything of course.

Here is a tale of hope from our shores. The St. Thomas Church in Moose Factory avoided another disaster just weeks ago. A wedding party had left the candles burning after the ceremony. The next day some Elders on their way to worship opened the door and smoke billowed out. Thus the church was saved. Years ago, before most people living now were born, the church actually floated away during the spring thaws. Believe it or not, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not proclaimed St. Thomas the holiest church in the world. The church has holes with stoppers in them. They would take out the stoppers during a flood so it wouldn’t float down to they bay. I don’t know if it ever came to that, though.

What was the name of that guy who parked his new truck with a racing snowmachine in the back and left it running outside a well-known exotic dance bar in Chibougamau. He came out “minutes” later and it was gone. It had been abducted. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

Overheard: “Clone Matthew. One can be Grand Chief and the other National Chief.”

Cover Photo: Yes, we know the machine on our last cover was a Bombardier. And we know it was a Polaris™ that won “The Raid des Braces.” For those whose brand loyalties were offended, we apologize.

Our celebrity photo contest has become a monster. We have Preston Manning with several students from Waswanipi in Ottawa. Ovide Mercredi with Rodica Ungureanu. There’s also another one in the mail. We have yet to decide on the deadline or the prize. But please, keep them coming. I’m sure it’ll be a great prize. We’ll discuss it further should you win.