I am often asked what I am passionate about, about what drives me. Well, I am passionate about moving forward. I am passionate about upgrading all areas of my life, including my gadgets. I love a challenge. I like when I am told “No.” Actually, I am thrilled when I hear, “It won’t work, you will have a problem.” Whenever this happens, my inner Billy Diamond comes out and I say to myself, “Nothing is impossible!”

The Cree Nation has achieved much and we have nothing to complain about except for our stray dogs! I spoke to a lady some time ago, one of a certain blue-sparkled vintage and who claimed to have some Indian in her blood (ever heard that one before?). Anyhow, she could not believe that our Cree “reserves” were actually “livable” or that people here do not have to boil water.

The dear gal praised the infrastructures and the Cree culture. And, of course, she said that I was like no one she had ever met! Thank God for that! I mentioned how in 1975 our leaders had drawn a line in the snow for our rights. How they sacrificed their time, their relentless energy, their time away from home to fight for what we have today.

There had to be sacrifices along the way but we moved forward and out of poverty. Her rosy airbrushed cheeks and bridged smile assured me that we done good for ourselves. As a Nation, we must keep moving forward and we must bring new ideas to the table. I always bring something to the table, flowers for mom when I am home! Flowers enlighten a home, create an ambiance and I believe that’s exactly how ideas work. If we do not bring anything new to the table how incredibly boring and sad would that be. I’ve seen and been in these rooms.

This is my passion. Moving forward and trying to drag everyone else along for the ride. Some like to stay behind but most move forward. Some are leaders and some are followers and both of these complement each other because each plays an important role.

Speaking of moving forward, this is my ultimate Josh encouragement: be fashion-forward, my friends! It’s okay to have many coats or glasses! As long as each of us brings something to the table for our Nation. Is it a good idea? We’ll see. Mistakes happen so we can learn from them and find the right path. Just
look at the 1980s. Sad attire but great musical tapestry!

This December, as all of our Cree entities meet in the Cree Nation of Sheraton de rue-René-Lévesque, I encourage everyone to keep up the good work. Let us always be open to change and always bringing new ideas to our wonderful Nation. But I still wonder what happened to my white girlfriend…