Well, the people who made a lot of predictions that the end nigh, might have to hang on just a little longer. It seems that the now-famous Mayan Long Count calendar will end on the next winter’s equinox – which is either the shortest or longest day of the year, for those who fell asleep in Science class.

In this case, the end is coming during the night so that leaves the daytime to repent. But perhaps, it may occur earlier due to the time standard of the predictor, the mysterious Mayans, who left the jungle and migrated to what is now Georgia, in good old USA, some 1300 years ago. Maybe, they too were afraid of what the massive stone calendar forecasted, and thus fled in a massive exodus to safer northern lands. However, the end is still questionable to those who dare to question fate. Perhaps the end is near after all.

Well, I hope that the end to a lot of things is coming soon. Stuff like inequality and racism, poverty and greed over sharing, hate and anger. The funny thing is, all of this can be changed for the better by just accepting that there is no end to life, so live the best way possible.

Money would be a nice thing to eliminate, as it causes a lot of more problems than it solves. Riches are often misinterpreted as cash in the pocket, but riches are a state of mind. I think just being happy might alleviate a lot of stress, because money can only buy things and some things just can’t be bought. I think that the Mayans may have inadvertently started a paranoiac time bomb and most likely, will incur some sort of change in our general outlook on life.

For example, many people are still split on whether or not the world as we know it will come to a drastic end. Take a scientific look and the world does end in a few trillion years, collapsing back into one tiny black hole, laden with the entire universe’s mass and energy, collapsing until it explodes back into another Big Bang beginning, just like in the Book of Genesis and in advanced scientific journals, which describe these events mathematically and at the quantum level.

Another theory that seems to meet the criteria outlined in many apocalyptic scenarios, is that the universe just simply tears apart, because of the sheer distance and intense strain on gravity, thus entering or bumping into another realm of the universe, or accidentally into another dimension. The problem with the last two theories is that they are backed up with a lot of research. If there was to be some sort of violent end to this world, it would be the universe tearing itself apart, making just about every type of doomsday scenario come true, otherwise the Mayans could still be wrong or misunderstood.

Just think, if we can’t understand world events in the present time, how can we figure out the world thousands of years ago, which for some reason, is a more dependable source of information for today. Go figure, scientists and otherworldly believers seem to corroborate one thing, today’s world is going to hell in a breadbasket (excuse my harsh language) and no one seems to want to do anything about it.