Volume 11, Issue 7

2 Year Old Child Beaten by Outsider

Waswanipi- On February 8th, 2004 at around 4:30 RM., the unthinkable happened. A 12-year-old child was passing by Judy Otter’s residence in Waswanipi when she heard what sounded like a body hitting the ground. She alertly called the local Police, who showed up a few hours later with social services. Trevor ... read more ››

A Brief History of Native Politics in Canada

The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) has been an institution since 1969, having the original goal of correcting past injustices and enhancing the rightful position of the First Nations Peoples in Canada’s future after years of being excluded from the political process. But the AFN is not the first organization ... read more ››

A Day on the Ice

I am fourteen years old and my dad Marius and my younger brothers Paul and Joseph and I are heading out onto the river for some ice fishing. It is not a long ride on dad’s powerful long track Bombardier Cheyenne snowmobile. We are heading to a location close by ... read more ››

Cree Success Stories

There is help available for people who move to Montreal in search of a job and need help in finding one or get more training. First Nations Human Resources Development Services of Montreal (FNHRDS) is available to off-reserve natives to help in their search. FNHRDS offers employment and training services, including ... read more ››

I Am Not Phat

I read in dismay the so-called journalistic reaction to the way we tend to absorb poutine by the ton and how many of us practice unhealthy ways, thus leading us down coronary alley which ends at the heart attack hotel. I kid you not, I felt guilty to be a ... read more ››

Katejun Coonishish: The Ice Man Cometh

Some people excel in different areas of life, whether it is school or work or other aspects. Very few of us excel in two different realms of life, especially at the age of 16! That’s where Ouje-Bougoumou’s Katejun Coonishish comes in. He has exceeded expectations at two very difficult sports, snowmobile ... read more ››

New Hydro-Quebec Deal Almost Unanimous

Eight Cree communities have passed resolutions mandating their Chiefs to agree with the proposed new deal with Hydro-Quebec. Four have expressed concerns over the deal, fearing their interests are not being met. In Nemaska, the deal was approved by a margin of only nine votes. In Wemindji, Chief Reggie Mark ... read more ››

Provincial Government Gets With the Day Care Program

At the end of January, the Quebec Ministère de l’Emploi, de la Solidarité sociale et de la Famille (MFE) announced that 427 new daycare places will be available in 10 northern Native communities. Of that number, 270 of the new places have been designated to the Cree communities of Wemindji, Waswanipi, ... read more ››

Rabid Wolves in Caribou Capital of Quebec

It is now confirmed that a wolf involved in the recent attack in Schefferville (as reported in the last issue of The Nation) did indeed have rabies. The Public Health Department of the Cree territory of James Bay along with the Ministry of Natural Resources, Wildlife and Parks, have issued ... read more ››

Shadowing Phil Fontaine of the AFN

With a mix of platitudes like “no new taxes,” spins such as “I didn’t inhale” and lies like “I didn’t know anything about it,” the world of politics is somewhat of an enigma. People can’t help but feel a general mistrust for those who have not lived up to their ... read more ››

Throne Speech

As government officials, invited guests and media assembled in the Senate and the House of Commons waiting for Prime Minister Paul Martin’s first Throne Speech to commence, there was an elaborate pompous ceremony going on outside. Martin was bandying with a reporter about how he loved the rented suit he ... read more ››