Volume 6, Issue 22

99999999 in Chisasibi

If nines are lucky then this kid will have no problems in life. A boy was born on 9/9/ 1999 in Chisasibi weighing 9 pounds 9 ounces in a pregnancy that took nine months! Proud parents are Tracey Bearskin and Peter Natachequan. No computers or other equipment died or malfunctioned ... read more ››

Crees air mining concerns at conference

Mining companies, government officials and Crees gathered in Mistissinl to talk about the mining industry last month. Chief Kenny Loon, in his welcoming speech, said mining activities and their effects on Cree lifestyles and the land had been a topic of concern for Crees for some time. He was later echoed by ... read more ››

Essay contest alert

Students, teachers and parents, this message is for you. Our annual essay contest is coming up again. It’s time to start thinking about what to enter. As always, we will print the pick of the litter in our New Year’s issue. Essays are welcome in English, French… and especially Cree! ... read more ››

In the beginning…

In the beginning there was Chief Billy Diamond, Chief John Kitchen, Chief Walter Hughboy, Chief Kenneth Gilpin. They tumbled down like a string of dominoes. Who’s next? Chiefess Violet Pachano? Chief George Wapachee? Chief Kenny Loon? Noted and much beloved warmonger and mass murderer Henry Kissinger came up with The Domino Theory ... read more ››


My parents called to give me the sad news that another one of our Elders in Attawapiskat had passed away. Josephine (Wesley) Wheesk was an important part of the fabric that makes up the community. She was never chief or a political leader but still managed in her way to ... read more ››

Judge strikes down mandatory workfare

An Ontario judge has struck down a welfare program that would have forced Native people to work to get full social assistance. First Nations were upset when the Ontario government tried to put welfare recipients in Aboriginal communities into the mandatory work-for-welfare program. Murray Klippenstein, lawyer for the First Nations that sued ... read more ››

McCord display shows off Iroquois beadwork

An exhibit of 300 rarely seen examples of beadwork dating from the 19th century to the present is on display at McGill University’s McCord Museum until Jan. 9, 2000. The exhibition, titled Across Borders: Beadwork in Iroquois Life, includes richly beaded clothing, pincushions, picture frames, decorative boxes and wall-pockets. Also documented is ... read more ››

Mercenaries attacked mining protesters: group

A Canadian mining company is taking extreme measures to open up indigenous lands in the Philippines to development, according to a mining watchdog group. TVI Pacific Inc. is using a 150-strong private army to harass and intimidate the indigenous Subanen people, who oppose the mining, says MiningWatch Canada. The private army is ... read more ››

More pressure for inquiry

The cry for an inquiry into the death of Dudley George has been growing steady and strong. The Opposition Liberals are putting forth a private member’s bill in Ontario’s legislature seeking an inquiry, echoing the calls of George’s family and supporters. The United Nations has issued a strongly worded message to Canada ... read more ››

Plaque unveiled at camp

A little-known concentration camp in Quebec’s north was marked by the Ukrainian community, but the Feds didn’t send a representative. The camp at Spirit Lake, now La Ferme, housed 1,200 people for two years until 1917. Most were Ukrainian immigrants – including women and children – who the government called “enemy ... read more ››

Riding the wave of change

Interview with Chief Paul Gull Paul Gull likes change. The Cree political world saw big changes in the past month, and that suits Gull fine. The newly elected chief of Waswanipi sees himself as an “agent of change.” But he does not want to be alone. He asks the people of ... read more ››


Trapping is not a task for just anyone to take on. For those of you who don’t think trapping is a hard job, try it for a spell. The trapper who has a medium to large trapline has to endure all sorts of harsh weather and be willing to take whatever ... read more ››

Thanks to Abe

It seems like the election hasn’t ended for me just yet. I’m still getting condolences but the most interesting one came from Waskaganish via fax. I thought I would Include it for everyone to see. I hope that winners and losers in the recent spate of elections read this and ... read more ››

Voters pick Mark over Hughboy 2-to-1

Walter Hughboy’s 21-year reign as chief of Wemindji is over. He was in office longer than any other sitting Cree chief when he was defeated in the Sept. 12 community election by a two-to-one vote. The Wemindji election means all four Quebec Cree communities that had elections in the past month have ... read more ››

Waswanipi firefighters take a bronze

Waswanipi firefighters came in third place in a province-wide Native firefighters competition held in Mani-Utenam. It was the first time Crees went to the games. Waswanipi competed against 12 other teams. Team Waswanipi was made up of: Bobby Blacksmith (coach), Ian Oblin (captain), Ghislain Ottereyes, Gordon Saganash, Emanuelle Belanger, Ron Simard and ... read more ››

Why sovereignty is winning

Why sovereignty is winning, from Neah Bay to the Supreme Court This article is reprinted from The Seattle Times (May 23, 1999 edition). The storm of public bitterness that has animated both the Makah whale hunt and a pair of recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions issued from Indian country dramatically illustrates how few ... read more ››