Volume 6, Issue 21

Gull takes Waswanipi

Waswanipi held elections on August 30th and Paul Gull became the new chief. A win that Gull attributes to his political platform. He told the people “Ntshtayhden oo abitsyoon guaysque ngweedoodeen.” (He respects the position and will try to do the job right.) Gull is heading into new territory as he ... read more ››

Jim Thorpe – “Athlete of the century”

I hear there’s a search for Aboriginal role models out there. People should look at Jim Thorpe. Thorpe was born on May 22, 1887 to an impoverished family on Sac-and-Fox Indian land. His beginning were harsh but he went on to become a leading figure in sports. In Stockholm, Sweden ... read more ››


Forestry giant Daishowa-Marubeni International had said in spring that they publicly committed not to log or purchase timber in land around the Lubicon’s territory until Lubicon land rights were settled. Ontario based paper producer Daishowa Inc. released rights they had in the area. According to Daishowa, they lost about $20 million ... read more ››

Message to the Cree people

Message to the Cree people of the Cree Nation — Eeyou/Eenou Istchee from the Grand Chief elect Dr. Ted Moses The people have spoken and made their choice. They have voted to keep the Cree Nation strong and unified. They have decided to protect their own rights and rights of future ... read more ››

Moses and Mukash Voted in

Ted Moses once again steps in the familiar shoes of grand chief. Matthew Mukash Joins Moses as Deputy Grand Chief. The reports started filtering in from the communities as the polls closed. “So and so seems to be leading in such and such town.” Until the numbers came in, it was ... read more ››

My concession

I must admit this was one of the most interesting elections I’ve have seen in a long time. It was a little bit of a revolution of sorts with so much active campaigning. I know it was the first time any Cree politicians took out political advertisements promoting their platforms. ... read more ››

Nothing is forever

Growing old does not look like a lot of fun. I find it difficult to watch my parents, my uncles, aunts and my grandmother getting older every year. Many times I talk to the older people in our family they tell me about their aches and pains and health problems. ... read more ››

Robert Nault: Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs

The latest Minister of Indian Affairs Robert Nault is the 71st top dog in charge of First Nations Peoples. While some First Nations may not know the new Minister he has the experience to handle the job and seems to be eager to start. Nault began his federal political career in ... read more ››

se choices you made, oh Cree voters. All 3,123 of you.

Wise choices you made, oh Cree voters. All 3,123 of you. And a strong message you’ve sent to those who would tear our Nation asunder, Cree or otherwise. I have to admit I was a bit worried there for a few days. Even when most of my politically savvy acquaintances predicted ... read more ››


It was an emotional Annual General Meeting as Wayne Helgason stepped down as President of the National Association of Friendship Centre’s. Mark Maracle expressed his closeness to the former president and said “he was a great leader and he’ll be dearly missed.” Helgason left his position with class, adding he ... read more ››

Vermont denies hydro’s “Act of God”

The question Vermont is asking an arbitration panel to decide whether the ice storm of 1998 was an “Act of God” or just a bad winter storm made worse by ice buildup and structural deficiencies in Hydro-Quebec’s grid. It took 66 days for Hydro-Quebec to resume supplying Vermont with power. Fifteen ... read more ››

World Water Crisis

Water is seen as the most readily available resource on this Earth of ours but a new report on water says this is not true. Fresh water is only one half of one per cent of all water on Earth. Global consumption of water is doubling every twenty years. An ... read more ››