Volume 6, Issue 1

A blast from the past,James Bay style

James Cheechoo, a Cree from Moose Factory, has just released his first music CD at 68. Cheechoo is of the old school, a self-taught fiddler who’s has been performing for the last 55 years, longer than most people have been married though he’s certainly played more than one wedding. He ... read more ››

A nurse’s story

My journey began in the fall of 1989 when I entered the nursing program at John Abbott College in Ste. Anne De Bellevue. I was young and unprepared to commit 100 per cent. So I made a choice to discontinue my studies. A couple of years passed and I returned ... read more ››


The Cree language is amazing. Sometimes just one word can mean so much. Take for instance Akootinisho. This refers to a person or persons who have gone out to their traditional family hunting and trapping grounds before freeze up. It also means that they stay until they can come back ... read more ››

Cree ranks 27th in world

It’s been a very busy successful racing season for Cree moto-cross sensation Nathaniel Bosum, a youth. Bosum, a youth from Ouje-Bougoumou, was the 27th ranking racer in the 50cc class at this past summer’s World Amateurs National. Only 42 racers qualified in North America. There were 1,500 racers from all ... read more ››

Cree unity emerges over EM-1 project

Cree chiefs and community representatives to the Council/Board came together in VaJ d’Or on November 24 to talk about Hydro-Quebec’s co-ownership proposal for a dam on the Eastmain River. They decided no individual Cree community could say yes; this has to be done by all the Crees. Also, the Grand Council ... read more ››

Elder passes on

From a message by Chief Kenneth Gilpin of Eastmain: On behalf of the members of the Cree Nation of Eastmain, I wish to inform all the Cree communities together with the Grand Council of the Crees (Eeyou Istchee) of the passing away of one of the most respected and beloved Elders ... read more ››


Hydro-Quebec is facing more bad news about the low level of water in its reservoirs in James Bay. By this spring, the reservoirs will be only 16-per-cent full, according to a report last week by Michel Morin, a journalist at French CBC TV. The water levels are so low Hydro may have ... read more ››

Kahnawake calls In Cree beaver busters

Kahnawake’s problem with flooding due to beaver dams is not a new one but seems to be worsening every year. Destroying the dams and lodges of beavers with explosives, the previous choice of elimination, proved to be irritatingly ineffective. The major problem we are faced with is power outages, occurring when ... read more ››


Ouje-Bougoumou has put an end to several weeks of debate about last summer’s election for chief by deciding to hold a re-election. Residents voted for a new election by a 101-52 margin at a recent community assembly. A date wasn’t chosen as of press time. The decision put to a rest ... read more ››

Ted Moses wins UN award

Ted Moses was honoured with an award created to mark the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms of North America. Moses, who is the Cree Ambassador to the United Nations and a former grand chief of the Cree Nation, was given the Human Rights and Freedoms ... read more ››

The voices and applause of 18,000 fans rose…

The voices and applause of 18,000 fans rose as the the lights dimmed and the band made its way to the revolving stage at centre ice. An announcer’s voice boomed across the arena, “Ladies… and… Gentlemen… The Molson Centre is proud to present… NEEEIIIILLL DIIIAAAMMONDDD!!!!!” There I was, arms raised in ... read more ››

Welcome to Volume 6, #1

Welcome to Volume 6, #I. This is the beginning of our 6th year of publishing The Nation Magazine. Our first one was Volume I #I. Does it feel like five years has passed? It is hard to believe that it has. It feels like yesterday. I remember vividly our first ... read more ››