Volume 4, Issue 26

CNIT says: The Puck Stops Here

Rouyn-Noranda is getting a whopper of a Christmas present courtesy of the Cree Nation Invitational Tournament. Sixteen years of tradition will come to an end this year as the annual Cree hockey and broomball tournament moves to Rouyn from Val d’Or. Officially, the reason was a lack of hotel rooms in Val ... read more ››

Commission Has Teeth Again

Irate Crees with a complaint against Cree government must be heaving a sigh of relief these days. It’s only taken four to five months since the chiefs met in June and agreed in principle on the appointment of three new commissioners. The federal government confirmed the appointments of the Cree ... read more ››

Cree Language and Culture Conference

An event comes along once in a while that defies description. We can give you a physical description: 300 delegates from nine communities arrived in Ouje-Bougoumou to talk about the future of the Cree language and culture. Most were from the Cree School Board, some came from the Band Councils, ... read more ››

Mayor, Merchants Stunned By Move

The mayor of Val d’Or and merchants in the city are upset and angry about the decision to move the Cree Nation hockey and broomball tournament to Rouyn-Noranda. “It is a big loss,” said Mayor Ronald Tetreault, who added that he was “shocked” on hearing the news. “I thought all the problems ... read more ››

Nothing Changes Without a Fight

I have been talking to some friends within the Cree Nation. They were devastated because of the recent decision favoring the exploiters working to drown the land. I am as usual referring to Hydro-Quebec and their plans for the Rupert and Great Whale, as well as other Aboriginal lands and rivers. The ... read more ››

Quebec Plays Hardball With Natives

As discussions get under way with Quebec over hydro projects and Cree rights, some readers may be wondering about where Quebec is coming from. What does the government want? In public, Premier Bouchard and Hydro-Quebec promise a new era of openness toward Crees. But what are their true plans? Talks have been ... read more ››

Rez Notes

I was dispatched to Nemaska over the Hallowe’en weekend for some important work so I missed the Nation slash Cree School Board Hallowe’en party at the Masonic Lodge in Downtown Montreal. You’ve heard, I’m sure, of the Masons. They are the not too secret cult who control most of the ... read more ››

Seven Philosophies for a Native American Man

I read the following article in the October 22 issue of Tekawennake News. The Seven (The last four will be in the next issue) Philosophies were compiled by White Bison, Inc., an American Indian non-profit corporation, with the help of Elders who guided the Gathering of Native American Men which ... read more ››

Trees Belong to Natives: Court

A November 4 New Brunswick court’s decision by Judge John Turnbull promises to be good news for First Nations across Canada. The decision says the trees on Crown lands belong to the Aboriginal people. This ruling basically means the forestry companies that have been granted access to Crown lands by the Nova ... read more ››