Volume 4, Issue 14

Healing Our Broken Hearts – Learning To Let Go Our Inner Child

Hello everybody! Sorry for not being able to write in the last few issues of The Nation. I had to focus a little more on my own life. I am right now trying to deal with my past and present self. Dealing with my inner child and the adult I am now. ... read more ››

Indecision ’97

Four candidates want your vote in the June 2 federal election. But the seat representing the Abitibi riding in the Parliamentary cafeteria fits only one. Who will it be? For the three or so Crees who will be voting, it won’t be easy to decide. Especially with Neil deciding to ... read more ››

Nation Up For Three Awards

Congratulations to us! The Nation has been nominated for three Newspaper Awards by the Quebec Community Newspapers’ Association. A story about Chapais’ attempt to build a dump to import garbage from across Quebec by Alex Roslin was nominated for Best News Story. The Quebec government cancelled the project after Alex reported ... read more ››

Native Genocide

Native people have been subjected to genocide, says a report sent by Manitoba Natives to foreign embassies in Canada. “Countries that have in the past been condemned by Canada for human-rights violations will now have a chance to turn the tables,” said a spokesman for the Roseau River First Nation. The report ... read more ››

Outdoor Education at Missisicabi River

What do Hannah Bay, Missisicabi River and Tidewater Goose Camp have in common? The area is an excellent place to have a successful outdoor education trip and a total learning experience. Have you wondered how the people of James Bay travel around in the winter? A group of staff and students ... read more ››

Plan Sounds Like a “Crock”: Wall St. Analyst

Four experts contacted by The Nation say Crees would be unwise to put millions into a vast recycling project proposed by Texas businessman Walter Childress. “It sounds like a crock,” said Leone Young, one of America’s top financial analysts specializing in waste-management. “My companies in this industry are losing their shirts. This ... read more ››

Support for Cree Right

The vast majority of Quebecers recognize the right of the Cree and Inuit Nations to remain in Canada if Quebec separates. Seventy-five per cent of Quebecers support the Cree right to remain in Canada, including 72 per cent of francophone respondents, according to a Southam News-COMPAS survey. Nearly two-thirds of those who ... read more ››

There Are Too Many Chiefs And Not…

Stop me if you heard this one. There are too many chiefs and not enough Indians. As funny as that may be there is a ring of truth to it. Cultures have historically turned to comedy in times of distress. We are no different. In fact, we are funniest when ... read more ››

Walter Childress Inspired by Creator

Walter Childress, the man who wants Crees to invest up to $27 million in his U.S. recycling project, was inspired by the Creator to pursue his grandiose project, says a close associate. Childress remains secretive about himself, his company and his project, but one of his associates spoke with The Nation ... read more ››

You will forgive me, I hope, if I seem not my old self…

You will forgive me, I hope, if I seem not my old self. It’s been a most unusual and trying time for me and others in my circle these past few weeks. A few painful but crucial changes were called for. Changes for the greater good I can only hope. First, a ... read more ››