Volume 4, Issue 9

Adopting Assimilation

In 1967, Jewish Family Services began putting Native children into Jewish homes. These stories tell what it is like for a Native American to be adopted into a white Jewish family. It is told through a series of interviews involving four adults. The questions are direct and will give you a ... read more ››

Crees Cautioned to Stay Away From Plan

The recycling business is filled with ambitious entrepreneurs trying to make a fast buck off unwary investors, says a top U.S. waste-management executive. “There’s lots of people in Wall Street who wished they never invested in it,” he said. “That’s why they look for people like the Crees and municipalities to ... read more ››

Gustafsen Lake Trial Update

Native rights lawyer Bruce Clark flew to Vancouver on Feb. 18 to represent his clients in the Gustafsen Lake trials that have been going on for 10 months. Upon arrival, he was arrested, immediately flown to 100 Mile House, tried and found guilty of contempt of court, and sentenced to three ... read more ››

Innu Take Miners to Supreme Court

An Innu family has asked the Supreme Court of Canada to grant an injunction to stop “the invasion by the Quebec government” of its ancestral land near Sept-Îles. The area is the site of one of the world’s largest finds of nickel, cobalt and copper deposits. It has been overrun by ... read more ››

Inukjuak Gets New Training Centre

The new Nunavik Technical-Vocational Education Centre celebrates its official opening on March 20 in Inukjuak. The NTVC is one of the largest structures in Nunavik and one of the most advanced schools of its kind in Quebec. Developed by the Kativik School Board to help provide a skilled workforce in Nunavik, ... read more ››

Reader’s Digest Freelancing Racism?

The best way to describe this article is a book review of a book review. It goes like this… Reader’s Digest, at least its Canadian counterpart, recently printed a story by freelancer Robert Nielsen entitled Giving Canada Away Claim by Claim. In the bold outtake it reads, “Our timid response ... read more ››

Rez Notes

To the editor: Here it is. Whoop de doo. The latest installment. It’s not the Rez Notes we’ve all come to know and love and might be the worst piece ever written. It’s frightening. I hope someone out there likes it though and is deemed fit for our fine publication. ... read more ››

Texas Tycoon Appeals to Crees for Megabucks – Brother, Can You Spare $27 Million?

A Texas entrepreneur is promising Crees millions in profits if they invest in a recycling megaproject he is promoting. Entrepreneur Walter Childress and Cree leaders were both tight-lipped about details of the plan and how much money Crees may invest from their compensation funds. We have learned the investment may be anywhere ... read more ››

The National Great Outdoors Show

I hear stories of the old days, real old days, where a boat came around once a year with a very limited selection. Janie Panchano reminded me of this when she me with the other Cree culture coordinators back in February. Can you imagine those Crees of long ago? Spying ... read more ››

The Rallye

The Chibougamau Rallye has come and gone, and Crees came out and came on strong as usual. Starting with the Professional category, John Gunner placed 6th, Philip Neeposh 10th and Jimmy Matoush 11th (all of Mistissini and all riding Polaris). In Semi-Professionals, Briand Coonishish of Mistissini took 4th, followed by Walter Capississit ... read more ››

U.S. Chides Canada’s Treatment of Natives

Treatment of the First Nations is one of Canada’s biggest human-rights problems, says the U.S. State Department Everything from Quebec separation to a high suicide rate to disputes over resources were listed in the department’s latest review of the human rights situation around the world. “Quebec’s Indians continue to regard the separatist ... read more ››

Whatever Happened To Good Manners?

Good manners, while we had them, made life easier. No one knows exactly when good manners were killed off, but for sure they are gone from our society never to return again… This is really sad when you really think about it. Let me tell you a little story which I feel ... read more ››