Volume 3, Issue 25

10 Long Years: Ann Martin’s story

For too long now, from generation to generation, spousal abuse has been shrouded in a veil of secrecy and hidden behind a wall of silence. I want to share other women’s experiences with you, and also those of older generations, their beliefs, their teachings. And how we have come to face ... read more ››

Aboriginal Rights Don’t Exist In Quebec, Says Gov’t

Chiefs from Quebec and Labrador passed the following resolution on Oct. 17. It denounces recent attempts by Quebec to deny that Aboriginal rights exist in this province. WHEREAS the case of Cote, Decontie et aI. v. The Queen was recently heard and decided by the Supreme Court of Canada; WHEREAS the Algonquins concerned, ... read more ››

Algonquins Back On The Barricades

Two weeks after the Algonquins of Barrière Lake set up a blockade on a logging road in La Verendrye Park, they were still waiting for a response from the government. “We’re still waiting. My phone’s sitting there. Our fax is ready,” said Wanda Tusky, a spokeswoman for the protesters. “They’ve got ... read more ››

Ambassador Moses Takes a Walk

Cree Ambassador Ted Moses told a UN forum in Geneva recently that the Crees will not accept being forced to remain in an independent Quebec. Moses went on to accuse the international community of harboring a double standard on the right of self-determination when speaking to the UN Working Group on ... read more ››

Benefit CD For Leonard Pelter

Blue Rodeo guitarist Greg Keelor is sending a CD to Justice Minister Allan Rock. It’s entitiled, Pine Ridge: An Open Letter to Allan Rock. The new CD features artists such as the Tragically Hip, Sarah McLauchlan and Jane Siberry. Keelor said he was inspired after meeting an interesting guy in a ... read more ››

Community radio: Taken for Granted?

Northern community radio has been used for decades to unite and inform Native people. Long before the existence of television or even telephone service, radio was an important part of everyday life. In the last decade, the importance of radio has declined. Small community stations have been taken for granted ... read more ››

Crees Make Case at Eco-Summit

The World Conservation Congress came to Montreal October 17 to 21. The Grand Council of the Crees was on hand with a booth to represent Cree concerns with forestry. Along with a seven-minute video called Trees and Crees was a pamphlet entitled the same. The Cree message was clear and concise. ... read more ››

Dialogue of the Deaf: The Nation goes head-to-head with Quebec’s main man in the forest

The Nation: I understand you used to work in Northern Quebec. Jacques Robitaille: Yes, I used to work in Amos for eight years. I was director of the region they call Harricana for six years. At the time, it included the territories of Matagami and Lebel-sur-Quévillon. So I know this neighbourhood ... read more ››

Former teacher jailed for molestation

A former Chisasibi high school teacher who now lives in Val d’Or has been arrested three times for indecent acts and molesting children. The news has sent shockwaves through Chisasibi and the school system. Joe Cannon taught high school in Chisasibi for a year in the mid-1980s. He was fired after ... read more ››

I ought to have been whipped…

I ought to have been whipped and beaten for being so derelict in my duties to you, John and Joan Cree Public, these past few issues. I admit it Rez Notes sucked. Why? It’s personal. Very personal actually. It’s so personal I don’t even know why I brought it up. ... read more ››

Ipperwash Update

After a year, most of the charges placed against the Stoney Point Chippewa have been dropped. Only six people will go to trial. Three are charged with forcible entry and the other three face a variety of charges. The Ipperwash Park occupation was a Native protest over rights to land. It ... read more ››

John Kitchen Defends Tallyman Deals

It’s been two years since tallymen in Waswanipi started getting “assistance” from forestry companies for damage caused to their traplines. Chief John Kitchen is the man who championed the so-called “tallyman agreements.” It may not be long-term compensation, he says, but at least it’s helping people survive off the land. “You can’t ... read more ››