Volume 3, Issue 24

“How’s Rez Notes?”

“How’s Rez Notes?” I am frequently asked that question. The question before that used to be, “Is there gonna be a Rez Notes this issue?” I always lied, and still do, “It’s all in my head.” That always keeps the evil Editor at bay for a few hours and it ... read more ››

“If It’s Going To Be, It’s Up To Me” Interview with basketball great Jack Donohue

Basketball came to Chisasibi in a big way last month courtesy of the Northern Lights Basketball Camp. An all-star team of guest coaches was on hand to teach the kids what they knew. One of Canada’s most famous basketball names, Jack Donohue, attended as a special guest coach for three of ... read more ››

Chisasibi Needs Proper Airport

Chisasibi has been waiting for a proper airport ever since the community relocated from Fort George Island nearly 20 years ago. The community of 3,000, which is home to the Cree Regional Hospital, is served by an airstrip without lights, no communications facilities, no control tower and no building for travellers ... read more ››

From My Point of View: In Conversation With Judge Réjean Paul

The Cree Naskapi Commission just released its 1996 Report. The Honourable Justice Réjean Paul, who is Chair of the Commission, gave The Nation a chance to look into this year’s recommendations. Some were expected and others were as surprising as this man turned out to be. He talks candidly about ... read more ››

Fur Prices Buoyant

Everybody wants it. Wild fur from Northern Canada. Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong and Greece are buying more fur, and they’re buying more types of fur. That has translated into the highest fur prices in 10 years. “I’m a trapper and you can bet your bannock I’ll be out there,” said a ... read more ››

Guilty Plea By Kitchen

Waswanipi’s Chief, John Kitchen, pled guilty to a charge of impaired driving at a hearing of the itinerant court on Sept. 20. He was sentenced to a mandatory fine of $300 plus a $30 surcharge and court expenses, according to Marie-Chantale Brassard, the prosecutor in the case. Kitchen also cannot drive a ... read more ››

Gustafsen Lake Trial

From a Toronto prisoners’ rights publication comes a report on the trial of the protesters from last year’s Gustafsen Lake standoff. The Crown’s own witnesses have testified that: —The peace process initiated by RCMP officers of Native descent was working well and was to culminate in a meeting of all parties on ... read more ››

Kuujjuaq Tries Booze Ban

“It was the quietest two weeks,” said one resident of Kuujjuaq after the mayor banned alcohol sales in September. Last month, Mayor Johnny Adams became so alarmed by a series of alcohol-related deaths that he asked the 250-seat Ikkaqivvik Bar to close and the co-op to stop selling beer. The municipal council ... read more ››

Northern Gets Boot in Big Trout Lake

Big Trout Lake, a Cree-Ojibway community in Northern Ontario, has given its Northern Store the boot. After a 150-year presence in the town of 1,000, Northern was given just a few days to pack its bags and leave after a dispute with the local Band Council. The dispute started after Big Trout ... read more ››

Northern Lights Basketball Camp Awards

10-15 year olds Category Most Positive Player: Bernadette House (Chis.) Best Hustle: Paula Menarick (Chis.) Most Helpful Player: Staneley Swallow (Chis.) Most Improved Player: Adam Gates (Chis.) All-Around Player Award: Jason Langdon (Chis.) “Gym Rat” Award: Conway McKenzie (Chis.) Special Coaches Award: Evelyn Tanoush (Nemaska) 16 years and over Category Most Positive Player: Chad McKenzie (Nem.) Best Hustle: Greg Kanatewat ... read more ››

One Chief Too Many in Fort Albany

One community, two chiefs. Fort Albany is in a state of political uncertainty as two chiefs lay claim to being the community’s rightful leader. Arthur Scott was elected in a community election held by secret ballot on July 2. But trouble started soon after the election when some residents started getting ... read more ››

Open Letter to Commissioners Cree School Board

On September 18, our student association attended your commissioners’ meeting at the new site for the Post-Secondary School offices in Montreal. Our intentions were to meet with anyone who would listen to our reasons for opposing the moving of the offices. We were successful in that you acknowledged us as ... read more ››

Think Twice About Vacationing in Mexico

With the cold weather around the corner, many of you are in the midst of planning your winter getaway. A significant number of potential vacationers will be enticed to Mexico. The major factor is the low cost. For those considering making one of Mexico’s hot-spots such as Cancun or Acapulco ... read more ››

Voisey Bay, Part Deux

First it was Voisey Bay. Now, the Innu lands just north of Sept-lles are being turned into another Klondike. Prospectors and mining companies are flooding into the Lac Manitou region 60 km north of Sept-lles, following a massive discovery of nickel and copper. Miners are calling it the biggest discovery “since Voisey ... read more ››