Volume 3, Issue 23

A Circle Completed: 1933-1996

A man of vision died recently, Robert Bourassa. No one can question his role in the changing Cree world. He left his mark on us all. I know you would expect me to bring up the La Grande Complex or the fact that he was the first premier of Quebec to ... read more ››

Forestry: Test Your Knowledge

And now for the return of our always popular section, Clearcutting Trivia Corner. A test will be held so please take notes. Score one point for every question answered right. Zero out of eight means you gotta pay more attention to what’92s going down. Or maybe consider political office. 1. In recent ... read more ››

In the Fbotsteps of their Ancestors

Even as Wemindji began work on its second sports arena, some Eastmain Crees began a 710-kilometre walk to raise money for their first one. Eastmain is looking to get a community complex complete with arena, stage, youth centre and an area where Elders can gather and tell stories. After years ... read more ››

Innu Real Losers of Churchill Falls

Newfoundland is complaining that a hydro deal it signed with Quebec is unfair, but the real losers of the Churchill Falls deal were the Innu people, says Innu Nation President Peter Penashue. The Churchill Falls project, completed by Hydro-Quebec in 1974, flooded 6,700 square kilometres of Innu land in Labrador, including ... read more ››

Kenneth Gilpin Re-Elected

Kenneth Gilpin has been re-elected by Eastmain voters as Chief with 56 per cent of the vote. The election for Chief and Council was held Sept. 4. Of 303 registered voters, 219 residents cast a ballot, a turnout of 72 per cent. In the race for Chief, Gilpin picked up 122 votes, ... read more ››

Misussini Alarmed Over New Logging Camp

Mistissini is seeking support from other Cree communities and regional leaders to stop a new forestry camp planned in the heart of the band’s territory. Mistissini learned of the proposed new camp last April, but has yet to get any details about it or an expansion of logging roads proposed by ... read more ››


I will tell of story from long ago about the one called Mojo. I lived with him at Maanihiikuskaakimii. That was where we used to be. We lived with that elder, Edward Scipio. In the spring, that was where we were hunting muskrat. We hunted muskrat at Kaabunishkuih. I was just ... read more ››


“Power” is not the first and probably not the last, version of the James Bay Cree story to be told. But it may be the best told thus far. Speaking of course as a completely biased viewer. With its fly on the wall, warts and all perspective, the film delves ... read more ››

Priest charged in Sheshatshiu

Sexual-abuse charges have been laid against the new priest of the Innu community of Sheshatshiu, Labrador. Innu people say the arrested priest was part of a much bigger problem of sexual abuse by religious authorities in the community. A meeting was planned at which Innu were invited to tell their stories. “We hope ... read more ››

Quebec Under The Microscope

British politicians are holding an inquiry into the status of human rights of the First Nations in the territory claimed by Quebec. Do the First Nations have the right to secede from an independent Quebec? This is what they are trying to discover. This is “the crux of the matter,” says Glenn ... read more ››

Redwoods Under The Axe

The majestic redwood forest of California is famous around the world for its towering, 1,000-year-old trees that people can drive cars through. After years of fighting the forestry interests that would cut it down, the U.S. government has given permission for loggers to level 95 per cent of it. Only a ... read more ››

Rez Notes

It was a year ago this issue that Rez Notes’99 was launched. We had no clear mandate. Just like the Grand Ol’ Council. It was more of an “almost anything goes” type of deal. Along the way way we have, I am proud to say, made many friends, mistakes and, ... read more ››

Sakami Fund Down $14 Mln. In Two Years

The Sakami Eeyou fund has shrunken $14 million in the last two years, according to information obtained by The Nation’97a decline of nearly 40 per cent in its assets. But the Wemindji band was quick to reassure residents that the situation is under control and there’s nothing to worry about. The Sakami ... read more ››