Volume 3, Issue 22

“Where the Elite Compete!!!”

As the coordinator of the Cree First Nation Fitness Challenge, I was extremely pleased with the response I received from the communities. The athletes each community sent as representatives truly gave an outstanding performance in their efforts to complete the challenge. It was my intent to bring together the most ... read more ››

Chiefs Re-Elected In Wemindji and Waswanipi

The results are in from the local elections in Wemindji and Waswanipi. As reported in our last issue, John Kitchen has been re-elected as Chief of Waswanipi in a narrow race. Kitchen won 182 votes, or 39 per cent of the total, while three other candidates split the remaining 58 per cent. ... read more ››

Confronting The Future Head On

Not since the days of the Great Whale fight have I seen Crees on the streets of a city gathered to protest. It was a group of students banded together to fight the Cree School Board’s move to the new Cree building in Old Montreal. I am neither for or against ... read more ››

Loggers “Mutilating’’ the Forests

Ten years ago most people in the Maritimes would have laughed at anyone who said that one day there would be no more fish. Today, the Maritime provinces are on the verge of bankruptcy after the collapse of their main industry. A way of life is over. In Quebec, where one in ... read more ››

Man Dead In Bizarre Accident

Residents of Whapmagoo-stui are scratching their heads after a worker from Montreal was found dead in his motel room wrapped from head to toe in electrical wire. Daniel Massé, a 36-year-old electrician, had come to the community for two days to help install a new sound system in the social club. ... read more ››

O.J. Youth Favoured At World Moto-X

Two Cree youngsters, Katejun Coonishish and Nathaniel Bosum, are favourites to win at the world motocross championships, to be held in Montreal’s Olympic Stadium on Saturday, Sept. 2I. An unprecedented nine countries will send racers to the 19th edition of the Motocross Valvoline, the most prestigious international event in the motocross ... read more ››

Paying the “Price” of a Convenient World

If there was one wish I would like to see come true, it would be this. “I wish that life was simpler and clearer, not more complicated and more confusing.” This wish is certainly “wishful thinking” to those who believe that life is never easy. I agree that life is ... read more ››

Students Protest Move To New Building

For weeks the post-secondary students in Montreal have been fighting to save the present location of the Montreal Cree School Board office. The Cree entities based in the city have all been asked to move into a new building purchased by the Crees in Old Montreal. All agree that the Lamborghini Building ... read more ››

The Real Masters of Quebec’s Forest

The following is the Preface from the book The Real Masters of Quebec’s Forest, written by forestry engineer Pierre Dubuc. The Preface is by popular Quebec singer Richard Desjardins, who is from Rouyn and is a vocal critic of Quebec’s forestry practices: I write these words a few hours before the ... read more ››

Violet Pachano Another First

Violet Pachano is a woman with two important firsts. She was the first women chief in the Cree Nation when Chisasibi residents elected her. Lately she became the Cree Nation’s first woman to be elected to a national position as Vice-Grand Chief of the Crees of James Bay in Northern ... read more ››

You know how sometimes when you’re just about to fall asleep and a really good idea just pops into your head?

You know how sometimes when you’re just about to fall asleep and a really good idea just pops into your head? It could be about anything. An idea for a movie, a song or, in my case, a column. Well, I had one of those last night but I was ... read more ››