Volume 3, Issue 19


There seems to be a new attitude being fostered in the Cree communities that I find very disturbing. It’s the old government propaganda machine in motion with the same old message: See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. Of course the powers that be don’t say it in ... read more ››


“We must empower ourselves to decide what is important for the preservation of our language, our culture, our communities for Eeyou Astchee.” “We must empower ourselves and, in doing so, revive the indigenous control that we have over our own lives, our institutions and over Eeyou Astchee…” -Proposal for a process to ... read more ››

Crees Possessed By The Olympic Spirit

From our sports desk comes news of the Olympic spirit catching on in Eeyou Astchee big time. No Crees competed at the recent Olympic Games, but the day may not be too far off when one will. As we went to press, the finest athletes of the Cree Nation were busily preparing ... read more ››

Don’t Tolerate Abuse of Women

At the clinic every day we see women who are badly hurt. Broken bones, broken thumbs, dislocated shoulders, black and swollen eyes, knife wounds, broken ribs. Who does this to them? Some stranger hiding in the bushes? A wild animal infected with rabies? No. This is done by their husbands and ... read more ››

Dusting Off idea of a Cree Education Act

After sitting on the shelf and collecting dust for five years, the idea of a Cree Education Act is being back brought to life. Cree parents soon may be able to elect the Chairman of the Cree School Board, Elders could have a seat on school committees, parental rights and the ... read more ››

Election Season Is Here

Elections are upon us once again. Nominations have started to come in for Grand Chief, Deputy Grand Chief, the position of Chief in several communities and other local representatives. Some of the races have generated great interest. There has been speculation that Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come may not run again and ... read more ››

Higher, Faster, Stronger

The most enduring images of the Olympic games are usually of African-Americans, and more recently African-Canadians, setting records in track and field, Kenyans leaving other competitors in the dust in distance running, pixieish young girls performing seemingly impossible tumbles and twists in front of adoring throngs. The names, some of ... read more ››

Hold on. Get the door. This is very sensitive.

Hold on. Get the door. This is very sensitive. There is so much to tell and so little a space to fit it all in. Finally, we have caught some attention and almost received a fax regarding our campaign. An electronic missive regarding Campaign ’96 and promises I failed to make. ... read more ››

Innu leader Arrested

Innu leader Daniel Ashini was arrested by the RCMP on July 14 in connection with an Innu protest against low-level military flights over Nitassinan. Ashini was locked up in the RCMP facility in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. He was convicted last year after an occupation of Dutch F-16s during a runway protest ... read more ››

Mamoweedow Minshtukch ’96

This Eighth Annual Mamoweedow Gathering on the Island of Fort George, held between July 24 and 28, was for once near-perfect in terms of weather conditions, participation by the remaining former Islanders and means of access to the Island. Exception made for the first rainy day, the remaining ones were warm ... read more ››

Miners spy on Innu and Inuit

The Innu Nation says giant mining companies are “practically spying” on Native people in Voisey’s Bay to gain information for their environmental impact statement. An impact review is required by the government before the $4.5-billion megamine can be developed. Innu and Inuit people have been relegated to the sidelines in the mining ... read more ››

Suspicious Innu Deaths Inspire Film

June 9, 1977. Achille Voilant, 20, and Moise Regis, 26, go fishing on the Moisie River near Sept-lles. They never come home. The next day, the canoe of the two Innu men is found empty. Their bodies later wash ashore, bruised as if the men had been beaten. The families immediately faced obstacles ... read more ››

Unveiling the shroud of the James Bay Cultural Education Centre

The James Bay Cultural Education Centre has a major communications problem and with obtaining support from the Cree leadership like many other Cree entities. In agreeing to the interview with The Nation (see The Nation, July 19), I had hoped to improve the situation, but I soon realized and expressed ... read more ››