Volume 3, Issue 18

Balance and Harmony Within

In October of 1995, a new program was started by the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay. The Mental Health Program serves all of the nine Cree communities. The aim is to have this program meet the needs of the people in areas relating to mental ... read more ››

Forestry Campaign Picks Up Steam

The Cree forestry campaign is gaining steam. A video on Cree concerns is being produced by the Forestry Working Group, which is touring the five communities affected by forestry. Also nearing completion is “Crees And Trees,” an in-depth document presenting all the facts in an easy-to-read format. Crees And Trees attempts to ... read more ››

From one of the illiterates

On May 15, Josée Legault, a prominent Quebec nationalist and Le Devoir columnist, participated in a talk show in Montreal. In it she mentioned a few “facts” and comments on the s of James Bay. She said Crees have an extremely high level of illiteracy. Crees, she said, would have to ... read more ››

Land Claims Body Resigns In Protest

All five commissioners of the Indian Claims Commission have sent a letter of resignation to the federal government, accusing Ottawa of ignoring their recommendations and moving too slowly in settling land claims. “Frustrations have been occurring because of the federal government’s lack of response,” said Dan Belgard, the commission’s co-chair and ... read more ››

Mass floods an act of God or man?

It is being described as one of the biggest natural disasters in Canadian history. After an unprecedented 11 inches of rain fell in parts of Quebec, mass floods swept the Saguenay and Lower North Shore areas, leaving 10 dead, over 10,000 evacuated, severe damage in 12 to 15 towns and up ... read more ››


Interview by Nellie Pepabano I always listen to the Elders when they tell stories and I don’t hear the Elders talk about medicine. I will talk about how I healed people who were sick. I was then alone at my home when there was a sickness. It was at that time when ... read more ››


It’s taken almost a year for an Ontario Provincial Police officer to be formally charged in the death of Chippewa protester Dudley George. It all started at Ipperwash provincial park. Last year, Natives occupied the park saying it is a sacred burial ground. The SWAT team was ordered in and two ... read more ››

Questions About Cree Culture

What does Cree culture stand for these days? A great interest in exploring and preserving the Cree culture and language has taken root in Eeyou Astchee. Many Crees, especially the youth, are asking questions about the culture, but the answers are not always easy to find. A dozen or more different Cree ... read more ››

The Facts On Forestry

Did you know: Since 1975, more than 5,000 square km of forest has been clearcut in Eeyou Astchee, an area the size of Delaware? This is equivalent to the amount of land flooded by the La Grande hydro-electric reservoir. The total area allocated to forest companies in Eeyou Astchee is 52,000 square ... read more ››

The number of stories in the naked bush has risen to a billion.

The number of stories in the naked bush has risen to a billion. Almost all of them bad. We have here a few guaranteed not to depress. George Jones is coming!!! Too bad George Jones doesn’t take whiskey with his cocaine any more. I would be the first in line to ... read more ››