Volume 3, Issue 14

1st Aboriginal Film Awards

A documentary about how Native people have overcome pressures to give up their cultures has won four prizes at the first Aboriginal Film Awards. Storytellers of the Pacific: Identity picked up four awards at the gala awards banquet held in Edmonton in May. “We are celebrating these incredible triumphs of human spirit ... read more ››

Crees Pick Up 3 Awards At Radisson Gala

Crees picked up three awards at the 2nd annual Gala of Excellence sponsored by the Conseil régionale de la Radissonie. Native Adventures of Mistissini won the award for Best Reception and Service to Clientele. The award for Best Marketing of Quebec Tourist Product went to Chisasibi’s Mandow Agency. Native Adventures was ... read more ››

Form Over Function

Fashion means many things to many people. A lot of times you must weigh against practicality and style. You try not to compromise either. There exists a paradox in the fashion world – to be in fashion, one must be out of fashion. The Nation brings you the 1st annual (Hunting/Fishing) ... read more ››

Hearings Into Sawmill

Public hearings will be held in Waswanipi to examine the Mishtuk-Domtar sawmill project. All members of the public are invited to attend a hearing of the COMEX environmental committee on June 6 at a location to be disclosed. COMEX holds hearings into development projects in Cree Territory under the James Bay ... read more ››

Hot Summer Promised

As Domtar’s new logging road winds into Category II land despite Cree protests, some Waswanipi residents are talking about taking desperate measures to fight forestry. Domtar has started to build the road despite the protests of the Waswanipi Band Council and residents. Forestry in other areas continues without a solution in ... read more ››

O.J. Faces Contamination Risk From Dump

Ouje-Bougoumou faces a danger of getting contaminated by Chapais’s proposed new dump, says Chief Abel Bosum. The dump will import garbage from the South, including toxic and industrial waste. “If there is any contamination, we will be affected,” said Bosum in an interview. The proposed dump will be located at the site of ... read more ››

On The Pow Wow Trail

POW WOW SEASON IS UPON US ONCE AGAIN. It’s a time to see old friends and meet new ones from all over. It’s a time of celebration, tradition and enjoyment. The Nation went on the Pow Wow trail to Pow Wows in Ottawa and Toronto. T.O.’s 3rd International Pow Wow ... read more ››

Paternalism According To Menard

Noticed an article in the Montreal Gazette lately. It smacks of the twisted logic of paternalism. Serge Menard, minister responsible for the Montreal area, said that the municipal referendum process and rules should be changed. According to the Minister, the process is costly and hampering economic development. He mentioned the city ... read more ››

Quebec Urged To Change Forestry Policies

A Member of the European Parliament says there is an “urgent need” for Quebec to change its policies on forestry. “Quebec’s forestry practices clearly violate the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement from 1975. The Agreement promises the protection of the Cree people, their economies and the wildlife resources upon which ... read more ››

See through our eyes: Native perspective

The show “See Through Our Eyes: Native Perspective” at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Ontario documents the lives of Native people across North America. Even though photography was once a non-traditional medium for Natives, in this show they are behind and in front of the camera. “This is what we want people ... read more ››

Well, we are back after an all too brief respite.

Well, we are back after an all too brief respite. You may notice a slight shift in our overall attitude and general demeanor. A kinder, gentler Rez Notes if you will. By this I mean we will not kick when some unfortunate soul is down. Rather, we intend to pummel ... read more ››