Volume 3, Issue 13

$226.7 Mln Sought From Cambior

A Guyanese organization has filed court papers seeking damages of $226.7 million from the Montreal-based Cambior mining company. Cambior operates a gold mine in Guyana from which 3.2 billion litres of cyanide sludge spilled into the South American country’s main river system last year. The Guyanese organization claims 15,000 people were ... read more ››

At the service of first Nations

Since September 1995, the Val d’Or Native Friendship Centre has been located in a larger and more functional building. The number of services and programs offered has increased to meet the growing needs of the aboriginal population. The Centre continues its mission to improve the quality of life of aboriginals who ... read more ››

Court Hears Freddy Jolly Lawsuit

Normally, Freddy Jolly spends his birthdays in the bush with his family. But Wednesday May 8, saw him in Montreal listening to the closing arguments of whether he has a right to launch a class-action suit against Cree Construction, SDBJ and the Attorney-Generals of Quebec and Canada. He didn’t understand the ... read more ››

Good News And Bad News In Health Study

Crees are more healthy than other Native people across Canada, but they are still lagging behind non-Natives, according to a new study by the Cree Health and Social Services Board. Suicide remains the leading cause of death for Crees aged 15 to 24. Between 1987 and 1992, nine Crees in that ... read more ››

INFHL Will Be Ready For Play-off Time!

Well, it has been more than two weeks since the INFHL 1995-96 season was over in Ouje-Bougoumou. After the holidays, the INFHL players will prepare for the 1996 play-offs. The players in the photos are from the “Dream Team” of the year. Who do you think will win a trophy at ... read more ››

Jackie Koneak Arrested

Jackie Koneak, a former Makivik Corp. executive who was recently voted out of office, has been charged with assault. Koneak was arrested by the Kativik Regional Police on April 27 in an apparently intoxicated state. His wife was medevac’ed to the South for treatment for a dislocated jaw. The couple’s children were placed ... read more ››

Jolly Says Support Was Felt

When the Route du Nord was proposed at a meeting in 1988, Freddy Jolly was the only Cree trapper present who would be affected by the road. Jolly told The Nation he felt it was wrong not to include them in the decision to build the road. “People from other ... read more ››

Nation Wins Awards

The Nation won an award for Best In-House Ad and honourable mentions for Best Investigative Story and Best Arts & Entertainment Story at the annual meeting of the Quebec Community Newspapers’ Association. The award for Best In-House Ad went to a full-colour ad designed by Katerina Cizek with a photo by ... read more ››

NWT Sunrise

Waskaganish’s very own Francine Weistche travelled to the other end of Canada this month to take part in the True North Concert in Inuvik, NWT. Francine sang a Cree hymn and the song Diamonds In The Rain. There were 20 other performers, including the Quebec Inuit heavy metal group “Ungava,” lots ... read more ››

Quebec’s Garbage to be Shipped North

Cree land is on its way to becoming the trash can of Quebec. Quebec Environment Minister David Cliche has approved a proposal to build a massive garbage dump in Chapais on the traplines of Lawrence Dixon of Waswanipi and Freddy Capassisit of Ouje-Bougoumou. Each year, up to 80,000 tonnes of waste will ... read more ››

The Chisasibi Shao Lin Kung Fu School Come Back With 5 Trophees

The Chisasibi Shao Lin Long Fist Kung Fu School drove again to Montreal this year for the ninth edition of the Montreal International Martial Arts Tournament. It was held in Longueuil, at CEGEP Edouard-Montpetit. It was the third year in a row they were going and they always make a good ... read more ››

Where There’s A Will, Take A Gander

When I was reading I came across this story I would like to share. It was back in the late 1800’s when Theodore Roosevelt was police commissioner of New York City. He attempted to prohibit the selling of liquor on Sunday. One such law was passed in April of 1896 and ... read more ››

Women’s Capabilities and the Teaching of Youth

When one tells a story, there is much for one to know from it. When we listen to a woman telling of what she is capable of, that is where there is a lot of woman’s capabilities. Today, we seem to I’^e many things of how it was like long ... read more ››