Volume 3, Issue 12

A Little Bit About Nemiscau

In 1 978, or 1 8 years ago, the community of Nemiscau, situated here on Champion Lake, was nothing more than a few scattered woodframed tents with plywood sidings, and numerous outdoor privies (toilets). We only had one telephone for the whole community and this was located at our make-shift “General ... read more ››

Cutest Girl found out

We brought you the Cutest Boy in the Cree Nation. Now, by popular demand, we bring you the Cutest Girl. The voting was enthusiastic and sundry a Cute Girl was nominated. But there was one who, above all others, received the most votes. Carole Kitchen of Waswanipi. Runners-up: Sarah Bearskin of Chisasibi, and ... read more ››


In Nemaska, if someone threatens or attempts suicide, some community members are now trained to intervene. A series of 2-day workshops are being held to teach people how to deal with the immediate risk of suicide. Community members learn how to calm the suicidal person, remove the immediate risk and help ... read more ››

Good, the doors are locked, the curtains drawn and the the ice has arrived from room service so the beverages will stay cold.

Good, the doors are locked, the curtains drawn and the the ice has arrived from room service so the beverages will stay cold. We can begin. We are here at the cozy Capissisit Lodge in Ojay. I have to admit I was a tad nervous coming back after… what is ... read more ››

Mohawks defiant over Extreme Fighting

The Extreme Fighting match in Kahnawake has erupted into a political brouhaha that has increased tensions between the Mohawk Nation and Quebec. Atone point, Premier Lucien Bouchard even said he was worried about the possibility of another Oka Crisis. The “no-holds-barred” contest held April 26 put a dozen martial artists from ... read more ››


In the late Spring when the geese were flying North the ice on the lakes was thawing, floating down streams and rivers, you could hear the loons in the distance calling. Mother you were a strong woman to bring me into the world without assistance from the doctors, but with help from a dear ... read more ››

Mother’s Day Ways to make your Mom/Wife feel Appreciated

l. Cleanliness is next to holiness. Clean the entire house for her and she’ll think you are a saint. 2. Create a scrapbook that summarizes the important events of your relationship with her. Put in photos, stories and memories of years gone by. If it’s for your wife, write down your ... read more ››

O.J. Motocross Duo Fastest In Canada

The motocross world has been taken by storm by two youngsters from Ouje-Bougoumou. Katejun Coonishish, 8, and Nathaniel Bosum, 6, took first place in their age groups in a national motocross competition on Saturday, April 26, held in Victoriaville, Quebec. The next day, the speedy duo placed first in a ... read more ››


Rosie Wapachee, the Community Health Representative in Nemaska, says it is vital today that parents teach their teens about sex. “When I was growing up, my mother never talked to me about sex. I was always taught that sex was a sin, that it was wrong. But today, it’s not like ... read more ››