Volume 3, Issue 9

“The client is ALWAYS RIGHT”

Crees are vital to Chibougamau’s economy and their contributions to the town need to be better appreciated, says the local chamber of commerce. “Crees make up 50 per cent of the commerce of the city. The client is always right,” said Jocelyn Gagné, an administrator for the chamber of commerce and ... read more ››

A conversation with Tony Hall

As First Nations people stand up and demand respect of their rights across the country, they are running into resistance not only from the government and developers. Their own leaders sometimes prove to be their biggest obstacles. Last summer’s confrontations at Gustafsen Lake and ipperwash Provincial Park saw First Nations leadership ... read more ››

Amazon of the North

Montreal’s International Centre of Contemporary Art is now exhibiting a collection of artwork entitled, “Amazons of the North: James Bay Revisited,” which will be shown until April 14. The project is the work of two Germans, painter Rainer Wittenborn and journalist Claus Biegert. They documented the Crees in the 70’s and ... read more ››

Bouchard tries to bridge unity gap

Quebec Premier Lucien Bouchard reached out to Quebec’s English-speaking community in a speech on March 11, inviting them to engage in a dialogue with his Parti Québécois government. Speaking to about 400 handpicked anglophone guests at Montreal’s Centaur Theatre, the premier called for an end to the bitterness left after the ... read more ››

Chief asked for “total control” over police We don’t need more power: police chief

Alcohol abuse is a rampant problem in Chisasibi, but the answer is more education and healing programs, not more action by police, says Samuel House, Chisasibi’s chief of police. “Ninety-five per cent of our calls are alcohol-related,” said House. “I would suggest to have programs on the abuse of alcohol integrated ... read more ››

Cree Iron Man

Are you faster than a speeding .3030 shell? Can you leap tall teepees in a single bound? Well, now how about trying something that’s really hard—the Cree First Nation Fitness Challenge ’96, organized by Nemaska’s Recreation Dept. Competing for over $34,000 in prizes, the best athletes in the Cree Nation are ... read more ››


A.fter all the controversy surrounding recently acquitted O.J. Simpson he wants peace and quiet. When asked why he chose O.J. as the place to go he replied, “Hey, they named the town after me so the least I can do is move there.” Residents shouldn’t expect to see O.J. on the ... read more ››


“I was hurt that first day when they told me to keep an eye out,” stated Officer Gak, the newest addition to the brave boys guarding the PM. “I’ll match my eye against any two they have. I don’t blink so I’ve got an advantage,” said the alien from the Andromeda System. “Besides ... read more ››


On March 20th, 21st and the 22nd, schools in Mistissini gave students time off after drugging them. Some parents were surprised to see students home early with warning that they should remain calm. “I was surprised to see my child so calm. I didn’t know a measles shot had that effect.” ... read more ››

No, the photograph of yours truly in the last Rez Notes was not a reaction upon hearing I had to go back to Ojay.

No, the photograph of yours truly in the last Rez Notes was not a reaction upon hearing I had to go back to Ojay. And no, I was not intoxicated. Nor was I stoned out of my skull. It’s just the way I always look before I start writing this ... read more ››

Ottawa taken to COURT ON NEW TAX

“Tax exemption is not a privilege or a benefit, but our right. I’m willing to defend that right.” With those words, Margaret Horn of Kahnawake joined three other First Nations women in launching a court challenge to Ottawa’s new income-tax rules for Native people. The four women filed claims with the Federal ... read more ››

Police grads

Twelve Crees have graduated from an eight-week police training course at the Institut de police du Québec, based in Nicolet. A graduation ceremony was held in Chisasibi on March 14. The 12 are: Johnny Matthew, Stanley Rednose, George Sham, Clayton Stewart (who also won an award for best pressure point techniques), ... read more ››


Everyone thought the Crees were meeting in Waskaganish only to discuss the dimishing goose population but Grand Chief Coon Come had a surprise for the delegates that no one expected. On hand was a special representive from the other James Bay First Nation—the people commonly called Bigfoots/Sasquatches. No only was this ... read more ››

We’re Not Blood-Sucking Leeches

YOU MAY BE WONDERING at the changes from The Nation’s old format to our new Nation Enquirer style. It came about because of the jokes after our paper first came out and it was displayed alongside those types of tabloid newspapers at the Val d’Or airport. We requested a change ... read more ››

What you paid

It’s the great Canadian pastime—talking about how much government costs us. It’s now starting to be a Cree pastime as well.But people are unsure of the figures, what they mean and how to get them. All the figures included in this article are public information that any Cree can request. Most ... read more ››