Volume 3, Issue 7

3-on-3 Sponge Hockey

WHAT IS IT? Basically IT’S FUN. It’s three periods of 10 minutes. Nonstop. And the only rule is: Don’t get too rough. But other than that, it’s no holds barred. And it all happened on February 4-5 in Ouje-Bougoumou, Que. at the Shaptuan Arena. Ice surface is smaller—80 feet long by 35 ... read more ››

Chee-Bee questioned on overcharging

Chee-Bee Construction may lose its monopoly over housing contracts in Chisasibi after complaints of overcharging. The Chisasibi band was charged nearly $1.1 million by its own construction company to build foundations for 18 new homes in the community. That works out to $60,000 per unit. Questions have arisen because similar foundations in ... read more ››

Chief opposes road; Domtar Goes Ahead

Waswanipi Chief John Kitchen and the community’s band council have passed a resolution opposing Domtar’s proposed N-822 logging road.à Domtar has proposed to build a 59-km road cutting through virgin forests in Category II land northwest of Waswanipi. After strong pressure from community members and council members, Chief John Kitchen agreed to ... read more ››

Crees making “abusive claims”: SDBJ

SDBJ vice-president Claude Dubois locked horns with the Cree people at a conference in Chibougamau in January. In his speech, he claimed Natives are using environmental protections in the James Bay Agreement as a weapon in negotiations between Natives and non-Natives. “Abusive claims, enormous demands and even threats are among some ... read more ››


Please accept our apologies concerning the article “Cree to play for Montreal Canadiens,” volume 3, no. 5, which said that the hockey game was supposed to be televised on RDS Feb. 11 th. The reason for not broadcasting the game had to do with an outstanding invoice ($ 15,000) which the ... read more ››

Guyana Natives sue Cambior

One of Northern Quebec’s biggest mining companies is being taken to court by indigenous people and environmentalists from South America. Cambior Inc., which operates five mines in Abitibi, also runs a mine in the country of Guyana from which 2.9 billion litres of cyanide sludge spilled into one of the nation’s ... read more ››

Mother Earth to Ovide…

It’s surprising the amount of interest there is in determining the status of territory and who speaks on behalf of the Natives living in today’s Quebec. The problems started when partitioning of Quebec was discussed and the PQ’ists stated, “No way.” Canada’s Ron Irwin said, “Yes,” and they can stay ... read more ››

Nisga’a give up tax exemption

In 1887, the Nisga’a people of what is known today as British Columbia sent their chiefs to Victoria to demand recognition of title, negotiation of treaties and provision for self-government Now, over 100 years later, they have finally signed an agreement-in-principle with the B.C. government and Ottawa. Emotions were high at ... read more ››

There are a million stories in the naked bush and we have here for you a mere fraction of them.

There are a million stories in the naked bush and we have here for you a mere fraction of them. Yes, they cover a wide spectrum; from the ridiculous to the sublime. Ok, so they’re mostly ridiculous, but who cares, right? That’s why we have Rez Notes. A spooky tale from ... read more ››

Youth to ReLease C.D.

Garage bands or basement bands have a natural progression down south. You get a guitar, get some of your buds together and start a band with dreams of stardom and filling stadiums full of screaming and swooning fans, but you are brought back to reality by your mom stamping on ... read more ››