Volume 3, Issue 3

“That flame inside us…”

“Power is not given, it is taken; opportunities are not given, they are taken.” Following a prayer by Elder Lawrence Saddleback, Elijah Harper and Co-chair Gerald Morin of the Métis National Council introduced the morning session. This was followed by an address from Ethel Blondin-Andrew, federal Secretary of State, Youth and ... read more ››

Be it Resolved…

A new year is upon us. Isn’t it always strange that it is only this time of year (besides birthdays) that we all look back and reflect on our past. This is why it is the time that we make resolutions to further ourselves in the game of life. We draw on ... read more ››

Reconciliation begins at home

Elder Fred Plain’s introductory comments addressed injustice. He heard genuine remorse in the churches’ apologies, he said, but challenged those who have pledged reconciliation to use their strength and influence with the governments of Canada. He also challenged the Canadian government to practice what it claims to believe. “To me justice ... read more ››

Reconciliation Proclamation

We, the delegates to Sacred Assembly ’95, gathered together in Hull, Quebec on Dec. 6-9,1995, having come from the four corners of this land—East, West, North and South—and having brought with us diverse spiritual backgrounds, and having listened to and prayed with Elders, spiritual leaders and with each other, are ... read more ››

Rez Notes comes to you, in part, this time from the 18th floor of the Cree Lodging in Montreal.

Rez Notes comes to you, in part, this time from the 18th floor of the Cree Lodging in Montreal. It’s best, I think, if I don’t reveal the room number. I’m surrounded by unwrapped gifts as I write this. There’s a giant unmarked box containing the latest in TV technology ... read more ››

Sacred Assembly ’95

“The Creator wants to restore justice in this country and wants to restore the land to the original people—that’s why we’re having this gathering,” says Elijah Harper, whose vision of unity brought more than 2,000 people to the Sacred Assembly ’95 in Hull, Quebec on Dec. 6 to 9. “The Assembly ... read more ››