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Indigenous peoples gather for historic conference at UN

On September 22-23, the United Nations hosted the first World Conference on Indigenous Peoples (WIPC). The two-day high-level plenary meeting gathered over a thousand Indigenous and non-Indigenous delegates from Indigenous communities, organizations and member states to discuss the rights of Indigenous peoples. “Together, let us recognize and celebrate the valuable and ... read more ››

Women challenge unelected, non-Native chief

Kari Cobiness, Helen Cobiness, Brittany Cobiness and AndreaCamp (from left) A recent Buffalo Point council meeting saw the arrest of four community members, including an 86-year-old Elder. The four are opposed to the unelected chief of the 140-member nation, and were arrested for breaking a court order that bans them from entering ... read more ››

Best handling practices for traditional meat storage

As many families have already hit the bush for the fall hunt season to feed their families over the winter months, the Cree Board of Health and Social Services thought that it would be timely to get some safe meat handling tips out. According to Lilian Kandiliotis, a Regional Public Health Nutritionist/Dietician, there are a number ... read more ››