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National Aboriginal Day: Celebrating the sun and First Peoples

It was late morning as the throngs of First Nations participants clamoured together just beside Montreal City Hall to don their traditional garb and prepare for a ceremonious march through Place Jacques-Cartier in honour of National Aboriginal Day. The event, organized by Terres en vues, the same organization that puts on ... read more ››

Reclaiming Orphaned Mines

Lush vegetation covers the scars of the abandoned Opémiska mine near Chapais The word “byproduct” often comes up when talking about the environment. We all know what it means: something that comes as a result of an action or process that has occurred. In the mining world, the byproducts of raw ... read more ››

The Assembly of First Nations faces 30% budget cuts

The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) received word on June 3 that the federal government would cut its operating budget– yet again – this time by 30%. There had long been speculation by many people working in Aboriginal advocacy that the Conservative government would likely slash the AFN’s funding in the ... read more ››