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A dramatic debut

  Moments of crisis inevitably provide a revealing glimpse of a person’s true strength of character. Whatever else one may think of newly elected Quebec Premier Pauline Marois (and I’ve never been a fan of her personality, politics or leadership style), most people watching the live coverage of her victory speech ... read more ››

Timmy’s coming to Mistissini

Cree entrepreneurs Anthony and Elaine MacLeod caused quite a stir on September 4 when they announced they were bringing Tim Horton’s to Mistissini. Though they expect to be up and running by early 2013, Mistissini residents were welcoming. Anthony MacLeod said since the announcement they have had over 555 Facebook ... read more ››

Traveling filmmakers arrive home in Montreal

The award-winning studio-on-wheels Wapikoni Mobile comes home to Montreal this fall, offering local youth opportunities for hands-on training in audiovisual techniques, scriptwriting and music recording. The workshop will be held throughout the fall at the Bonsecours Market’s Eleven Nation exhibition room. Sessions will be held from 5 pm to 8 pm, ... read more ››

Work ethic has to be learned at young age

  This week a friend of mine stepped on a nail and had to get a tetanus shot. It reminded me of the many times I injured myself as a child growing up back home in Attawapiskat. I was always around the family construction business and by the time I was ... read more ››

Charged up

  A few years back, Charles Bobbish Jr. wanted to get out of Chisasibi. He didn’t have much work, and the jobs he did get were only as a replacement. To fill the time, he did a lot of drinking and partying. “I was at home,” he says, “Nothing to do. I ... read more ››

Working together

  For three days August 21-23, the Secretariat to the Cree Nation Abitibi-Témiscamingue Economic Alliance (SAENCAT), in association with the city of Amos, hosted a delegation of business people from the surrounding area to showcase Cree business and opportunities. The delegation’s composition was a highly diverse group of 16 businesspeople ranging from ... read more ››

Youth Council Resolutions

  The following are some abbreviated resolutions from the CNYC’s AGA: The position of a board member on the Cree Native Youth Council representing the Crees of Senneterre is invalidated and they will not have one until they are interested in having one. The CNYC is still waiting to hear from the Grand ... read more ››

Board of Compensation bonus

  While it may not be Christmas yet, the Board of Compensation was all about giving this year after they distributed large one-time sums to each of the Cree communities and to several of the entities in the hopes of getting the Cree economy moving. This announcement was made at the Cree ... read more ››

A youth revolution through resolutions

  Despite a summer of unseasonably cold weather, the Cree Nation Youth Council (CNYC) saw three days of brilliant sunshine for their Annual General Assembly and it was perhaps a good omen for positive change. According to Joshua Iserhoff, CNYC’s recently elected Youth Chief, this year’s host community of Chisasibi pulled off ... read more ››

Recognizing our own

  Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come, President of the Cree Nation Achievement Awards Foundation, remarked that the Cree Nation Achievement Awards Gala was “an historical evening to recognize those who’ve contributed to the communities”. The gathering on August 30 wanted to recognize those who made their mark on the Cree Nation. In ... read more ››

Thou shall not judge

One autumn evening I was patrolling the streets of Whapmagoostui and I was hurting and crying in my heart. I have been a special constable for a little over a year now and I lost many friends. They turned against me. But this was not the reason why I was ... read more ››

Buying some time

The Atikamekw Nation announced on August 31 that they have come to an agreement in principle with the Quebec government, giving the two sides almost a full calendar year to negotiate a deal that would allow for the Atikamekw to be officially recognized as a distinct nation. On June 26, the ... read more ››

Let’s start digging Stornoway moves closer to opening its diamond mine

  The Stornoway Diamond Corporation has moved yet another step closer to opening the Renard Diamond Mine, the first of its kind in Quebec. Matt Manson, the President and CEO of Stornoway, announced on August 30 that the company had successfully completed the public hearings held by COMEX, the review committee established ... read more ››

Broadening your horizons

  Are you between the ages of 18-35? If so, the Canada World Youth organization (CWY) has an exciting and life-changing experience available for you. In the words of Jeremy Neeposh, a 26-year-old from Mistissini, the trip with CWY was “a great way to see the world”. In June, he returned from ... read more ››

The ATM refused me

I put my card in the ATM, and it said to me, this card is no good. And I said, what kind of crap is this? My money is good everywhere. Then I discover that our own bank is on a mission to liberate our money from the grasps of ... read more ››

United we stand

  It’s difficult to write an editorial that breaks a long-running guideline we have at the Nation. We do not target people but rather the issue, position or other components of a news story. We feel that the substance of a story and how it affects our readers is more important ... read more ››