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Patriot Games

The recent “Fête des Patriotes” in Quebec, known as Victoria Day in the rest of Canada, was a reminder that history is an evolving story, one that is continually invoked – and rewritten – to meet the needs of today. The Montreal neighbourhood I live and work in makes it hard ... read more ››

Governor Generals, Seal Hearts and Canadian Maple Syrup

It was the seal tartar chomp heard around the world when Governor General Michaelle Jean bit into a raw seal heart. Jean helped to gut the seal before swallowing a slice of the mammal’s heart so according to Aboriginal culture she was entitled to share in the hunt. Her actions drew ... read more ››

Charlie Angus, at it again

Charlie Angus, a NDP MP for the Timmins-James Bay, has once again championed a First Nations educational problem. This time Angus cites from a Parliamentary Budget Officer report. Angus said it shows a deplorable situation in education and the roots can be traced back to Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC). The ... read more ››

Whapmagoustui gets cellphone service

It’s true, a proud Sonny Orr called the Nation on his cellphone with the news. We’ll let you know who gets the cellphone service and sales later. We’d like to welcome the residents of Whapmagoustui into the 21st century. Now we just have to hope the internet improves.

Ipperwash to be resolved?

The Chippewas of Kettle and Stoney Point First Nation may be finally going home. Ontario Aboriginal Affairs Minister Brad Duguid signed a deal to begin transfer of Ipperwash Provincial Park to the Stony Point First Nation. The handover was a key recommendation that came out of the 2007 inquiry into the death ... read more ››

It’s all just a bunch of bologna

I sat down to have breakfast at a highway restaurant stop in northern Ontario with a friend of mine this week. I had fried eggs and bologna. Of course, most of us realize what a poor choice this type of meal is on many levels — still it is like ... read more ››

2009 Pow Wow Listings

June June 4-5: Kitigan Zibi Anishinabe Kijigon traditional pow wow Location: Maniwaki, QC. Kitigan Zibi School Grounds Info: 819-449-1275 or 819-449-5449 June 13-14: Peace River 14th Annual Aboriginal Gathering and contest pow wow Location: Peace River, AB. 12-ft Davis Ball Diamond Directions: Right in the valley of beautiful Peace River, Northern AB Info: Dennis Whitford, 780-624-6367; June 19-21: Rainy River First Nations traditional pow wow Location: Manitou ... read more ››

Cleaning up at the QCNA awards

The only thing left to say is that there’s room for improvement – but not much. For the first time in its 16-year history, the Nation was nominated as a finalist for the Best Overall Newspaper at this year’s Quebec Community Newspaper Association awards… and came second. The second-place honours in ... read more ››

Wemindji’s 50th Anniversary Festival

Before 1959, the community of Wemindji did not exist. The Crees who now occupy the town moved to this area after their original settlement, Old Factory Island, was outgrown by the burgeoning population and so the community’s Elders and hunters selected a new area that could sustain the community’s growth. Though ... read more ››

Interview with Grand Chief Matthew Mukash

Grand Chief Matthew Mukash has been at the helm of the Cree Nation for the last four years. As of this May, he has announced his candidacy to run for a second term as Grand Chief. Born in 1951, Mukash was raised traditionally in the bush outside of Whapmagoostui until he ... read more ››

Balancing the Scales of Justice

Appointed to the position of Chief Judge for the San Manuel Tribal Court in Highland, California, Joanne Willis Newton is feeling honoured after being picked from among the 400 applicants. It’s been a long road for Willis Newton who spent her childhood moving between her mother, Janie Pachano, in Fort George ... read more ››

Deadly Water Games

According to the Safe Drinking Water Foundation, Health Canada still tells 95 communities to boil their water and Indian Affairs warns that water systems in 85 communities could break down. SDWF presently estimates that 90 per cent of First Nations communities cannot produce a water quality that meets all of the ... read more ››

Waiting for a tan

The snow geese called from above, getting my two puppies all excited. The two looked around and barked back at the unseen creatures passing by only as shadows on the ground. I looked up and watched the 50th flock fly back south for the umpteenth time, as my neighbour commented ... read more ››

More just hair

I know when people looked at this story they wondered what all the fuss was about. The story concerned a teacher’s aide in Thunder Bay, Ontario, who last month cut the hair of a First Nations student. After cutting the bangs, the aide was suspended. The region’s assistant Crown attorney said ... read more ››