Category: 2007-06-22

On responsibility

As June 28, the national day of protest for aboriginal people, approaches, some in the non-Native community are starting to lose their cool. Take, for example, the statement by Ontario Provincial Police Association President Karl Walsh. Mr. Walsh, very authoritatively, recently warned all Native leaders and National Grand Chief Phil ... read more ››

The evolution of revolution

I recently returned from a business trip to the heart of francophone Quebec, a place where the French language is all too resoundingly in favour of putting the ’oise at the ending of every other word. I, unfortunately, have limited communication skills with la belle langue but I was nevertheless still ... read more ››

Cree kin get together

On June 5, The Grand Council of the Crees and the Tataskweyak Cree Nation of Manitoba signed a declaration to affirm ties of kinship and cooperation between the two Nations. But this was more than a simple expression of friendship. Grand Chief Matthew Mukash noted the declaration could be interpreted as ... read more ››

Sacred Addictions

It’s a problem for many but a ray of light may help stop many from lighting that next cigarette. The Tobacco Healing Centre, the first of its kind, opened its doors June I I in the town of Arnprior, near Ottawa. The centre already claims an 80 per cent success rate ... read more ››

Wemindji wins eco-award

The community of Wemindji has been honoured with the Quebec government’s 10th annual Prix Phoénix de l’Environnement for their recycling program in the municipality category. Wemindji’s environmental administrator, Johnny Mark, accepted the award on behalf of the community from Environment Minister Line Beauchamp May 31 in Quebec City. “We were not ... read more ››

A 60 kilometre walk to Ottawa!

Louise Etapp Neeposh and I participated in a very special event June 1-3 called “The Weekend to End Breast Cancer.” It involved a walk of 60 kilometres, and it took place over the course of one weekend with thousands of other women and men. I was very motivated and determined to ... read more ››

Celebrating the First People’s Fest

Since its inception 17 years ago, the Montreal First People’s Festival has gone from being the new kid on the block to being an experienced and savvy festival operator that competes with the best of big boys in the crowded Montreal festival circuit while uniquely celebrating Indigenous artists. Festival creator and ... read more ››

13th annual The Mondial de la bière

It’s become a real, authentic Montreal institution as thousands once again descended upon Windsor Station and its courtyard for the 13th annual Mondial de la bière, Montreal’s international beer festival. From foreign suds to local flavours and honey meads to iced ciders, this year’s festival was a smorgasbord of luxurious liquids, ... read more ››

Tataskweyak Cree Nation visit to Eeyou Istchee

Business Development Coordinator CREECO Inc. For the past three years, CREECO Inc., and more specifically, Cree Construction and Development Corporation have been in discussions and in the beginnings of developing working relations with the Tataskweyak Cree Nation. Recent developments have increased travel to Manitoba to meet not only with the TCN but ... read more ››

Declaration of kinship and cooperation among the Eeyou/Eenou of Eeyou Istchee and The Tataskweyak Cree Nation of Manitoba

We, the Cree people knowing that the Creator placed us here on Mother Earth as sovereign nations and seeking to live in peace, freedom and prosperity with all humanity in accordance with our own traditional laws are united in our sacred relationship with the land, air, water and resources of ... read more ››

Adult high school grads

The community of Mistissini is proud to announce a fresh crop of graduates of a different variety: adults who are now ready to go off to CEGERIt’s called the Ashuugan program, and its first wave of adult students in this three-year pilot project will soon enter first year CEGER where ... read more ››

Meegwetch to my friend Emily

My friend Emily McGrath was like a bright beautiful flower. For someone in her 80s, she had a lot of energy. Emily woke early every morning out of a habit she kept after retiring from the Abitibi paper mill in Iroquois Falls. Her days were filled with keeping the kitchen clean, ... read more ››

Abitibiwinni fights for treaty rights

The First Nation community of Abitibiwinni in Northern Quebec has set up an intermittent blockade of Highway I 11 to raise awareness and support for their land claim. The Abitibiwinni are protesting their land allocation under Treaty 9, which they say is not being respected. The Abitibiwinni reserve is home to ... read more ››

AFN offers reward for info on murder of pregnant woman

A national appeal is being made for information concerning the killing of Kelly Morrisseau, a Gatineau woman who was seven months’ pregnant at the time of her murder. On June 7, National Chief Phil Fontaine, in a joint media conference with Crime Stoppers, the Gatineau Police Department, and members of the ... read more ››

Talleyman’s body recovered

Still reeling from four young deaths in a period of eight months, the tiny village of Nemaska lost a respected talleyman to a boating accident on May 25. Andrew Moar, 61, suffered a heart attack while paddling to shore after experiencing motor trouble. Moar was traveling with his wife Winnie ... read more ››