ARTICLES BY Cree Students

Essay Contest Winners

Overall Winner Abandoned By Connie Esau Secondary IV, Wiinibekuu School, Waskaganish This is a story not only about neglect but the feeling of being abandoned. This is a story about a young Cree girl who lived in Wemindji, Quebec. This traumatized young girl feels abandoned by her Dad. It was on a weekend of August 24th, 1997. ... read more ››

The Nation and CSB Essay Contest

Overall Winner The importance of Education I am very grateful to have been raised by a stern and loving father. I have much to thank God for. If it weren’t for my father, I would not be where I am or what I am today. I honestly believe that he did a ... read more ››

The 5th annual Cree School Board / The Nation Essay Contest

Thank you to those who took the time to write your essays. There were a lot of issues raised that took a lot of courage to write. For that, we congratulate and admire you. Thank you to the teachers for encouraging the students to write. Thanks also to the Cree ... read more ››

Highlights from the Essay Contest

Cree Future Amanda Grant Age: 12 Grade 6 Chisasibi When I grow up I want to finish high school in Chisasibi. When I pass every grade I’m going to be 16 or 17 years old when I finish school. And I want to work in the recreation office. Because it’s very fun there they have all ... read more ››

Stories from Badabin Eeyou School in Whapmagoostui

My Goose Break by Charlie Dick When we go camping my grandfather is gonna teach me everything what man does in camp, and how to set up a fishing net, and how to make wood decoys, and how to make traps, and howto kill a goose and everything that he knows. My Goose ... read more ››

Stories from students in Grade 6 at the Wabannutao Eyou School of Eastmain

Spring Goose Break by Stephanie Gilpin In the month of April 1992 there was a walking out ceremony. There were three children walking out. They were Christina, Noah and Mason. There were people who came to our camp who took pictures of the ceremony. We ate goose, potatoes, rabbit with dumplings, cake, ... read more ››