I clearly wanted to tell that I am happy that I walked in this Wellness Walk. I thought a lot about trying to help myself to make my life better because I have abused bad stuff. That is the reason why I walked is to help myself.

I am glad that I found this man to help me so I that I could go along with him on the Wellness Walk. I am very thankful. During my walk, I always thought that I would be helping myself. I knew that I would be doing better everyday since this man, Jimmy Gunner, gave me advice all the time. I thank him for helping me. I know that this walk helped me a lot.

I know that this walk will help me because that was where my parents lived from also. That is how I look at it. I got the help from when I was in the bush. I can say that this walk was difficult for me. I asked the Great Spirit to help me – to take all the negative stuff that was in my life. I wanted to get it out of my life and leave all of the bad stuff when I was in the bush.

Since I came back, I feel a lot different. I have good thoughts. I sleep well also whereas before I didn’t sleep well. I had difficulty sleeping. Today, I sleep well. I am very thankful that I took this upon myself. It is very hard for someone to quit the things he used to do. I know this for myself because it was difficult for me also. But I know that I will be doing better everyday. I thank the Great Spirit for helping walk through the day.

I am thankful that I did this because I wanted to quit the things I used to abuse. I do know that it isn’t good. I am not shy to talk about the bad things I abused whereas before I wanted to keep it hidden. Today, I don’t try to hide it because I know it will help me when I talk about it.

This man, who I accompanied, has helped me a lot by talking to me and giving me advice all the time. I will always remember the things he has told me. I ‘ll hold on to his words because I consider him my friend.

I love this man. I selected this man to help me. I plainly say that this man who I picked out also loves the bush. He is very capable also because he was raised from the bush. I am grateful that I found this man. And I thank the Great Spirit that he gave life to this man on this earth to do the work of helping people. I know that he has helped many people.

He knows how to help the people because he was gone though it himself. He’s had the experience. I know that he can help the people.

I am thankful for this man also. I can always thank him every time I see him. I will always rememberwhat he has said. I would be glad if this Wellness Walk was done every year because it helps thepeople in what they go through in their lives. I also thank my wife, my children and my parents.I want to tell them that I am sorry for what I have done to them in the past.