Justice in Puvirnituq has been served – in a big way.

POV residents Kaitak Qumaluk, 23, and Charlie Quara, 32, were handed down the largest sentences in Nunavik history after two mistrials and a case that took three years to complete.

After they were originally charged with second-degree murder, the pair plea-bargained for 14 and 12-year sentences respectively for aggravated assault and manslaughter in a long drawn-out court case that finally came to a close September 27th.

The story began when three men allegedly hunted down and assaulted Sappa Qumaluk for unknown reasons. That triggered off a search for the three men by Qumaluk’s uncle, Charlie Quara and another relative, Kaitak Qumaluk.

The resulting saga went like this: one of the three perpetrators was assaulted by the two relatives for revenge. After another confrontation with the remaining two perpetrators, a second member of the group, Qaunnaq Uqaituk, was bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat and a two-by-four.

Everyone involved was under the influence of alcohol.