The Chibougamau Rallye has come and gone, and Crees came out and came on strong as usual.

Starting with the Professional category, John Gunner placed 6th, Philip Neeposh 10th and Jimmy Matoush 11th (all of Mistissini and all riding Polaris).

In Semi-Professionals, Briand Coonishish of Mistissini took 4th, followed by Walter Capississit of O.J. in 5th, Francois Iserhoff in 8th, Curtis Bosum (14th), Georges Coon (20th), Paul Longchap (24th), Walter Bosum (25th) and the second-fittest Cree Redfern Cheezo (30th).

In Sprints, Briand Coonishish came in 2nd place.

In the Women’s race, three ladies from Mistissini put on an impressive show: Elisabeth Gunner (2nd), Taria Coon (3rd) and Laury Gunner (5th).

Dany Gunner of Mist, took first place in the Amateurs category. Next were Henry Wapachee of O.J. in 3rd, Shaun Coonishish (4th), Mathieu Iserhoff (7th), Chris Quinn (8th), Charlie Petawabano (9th), Daniel Bosum (10th), Dany Rabbitskin (12th), Will Shecapio-Blacksmith (13th), Jason Mianscum (14th), Paul Swallow ( 17th), Samuel-Robert Rabbitskin (18th), Hugo Hebert (20th), Normand Neeposh (22nd) and Stanley Neeposh (23rd).

In the Maitres category: Georges Neeposh (2nd).

And the President category: Gaston Cooper (11th) and Rene Bosum (41st).