One summer night in late June of this year, some say, it might have been a meteorite or somekind of light falling from the sky. The next day, what may have appeared as a landslide on theshore of the Hudson Bay, approximately three to four kilometres north of Whapmagoostui orKuujjuarapik, had raised many questions by the nearby Cree occupants of camps.

Of course, the main question was: Is it really a landslide or the work of a meteorite digging itsway through a half-kilometre square hole on the shore of the bay, leaving the print of an ugly,muddy and messy round bay, filled with trees and branches, some floating on the horizon?

Also one other question was: Why is there mud and sea shells covering some place, way up to thetip of some trees?

The next day after this phenomenon had occurred, some friends were riding on the north trail about15 minutes away from the said disaster when suddenly out of nowhere appeared two huge, furrywhite dogs. Very surprised but most of all frightened atthe thought that these could be wolves,they both froze on their seat and remained where they were until the four-legged animalsapproached them and proved they meant no harm by waggling their tails.

As strange as it may seem, these two dogs were as clean as falling snow and had no master withthem. One of the dogs had around its neck the trace of a collar, showing only a pinkish traceas if it had lost the collar he’d been wearing. Both of the dogs appeared very well fed, large andstrongly built. Also, they both seemed very well trained (sort of elite dogs). Because these twocompanions didn’t seem to want to delay their trip (heading south), my friends had time to noticea trace of blood coming from a wound under one of the dogs’ paws. That wound as well as the waythese dogs were breathing could only indicate that they had been running since quite a longdistance and that is from the north side where there are no communities other than Emuriak(app. 120 km. n.)

After a brief goodbye, the two furry friends continued their way toward the south as if someoneor something was controlling them from a distance. From the top of the hill where my friends werestationed, they could still see the two dogs galloping away towards the shore.

On their way back, about 20 minutes later, my friends recall they once again saw the two dogsfreshening up in a small pond; still no master around. As bizarre as it may seem, these two dogsthat were assumed to be Siberian Huskies never made it to the community; they were not known toanyone…

All of this is to say that was it just a coincidence with the said to be meteorite, landslide orwhat else? Could it also be that someone or some organizations out there are in search of someimportant findings such as minerals? Or undergoing some kind of land studies? Perhaps trying tofind out about the solidity of the soil, if it could hold on to a mega-dam project planned to beunder way in the next coming months?

Isn’t blasting a part of the land up north easier than spending months, sometimes years, diggingin order to find out about the defrosting of the permafrost layer which has begun to unfreeze dueto the green house effects?

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