The Chisasibi Shao Lin Long Fist Kung Fu School drove again to Montreal this year for the ninth edition of the Montreal International Martial Arts Tournament. It was held in Longueuil, at CEGEP Edouard-Montpetit.

It was the third year in a row they were going and they always make a good impression. The day started with black belt forms and a challenge between Canada and the U.S.A. Then, all competitors did forms (called “Katas”) and sparring (“Kumite”). Over 400 participants were involved in the tournament.

The Chisasibi team put on an impressive performance. Roseline Snowboy won a 2nd place trophy in sparring. James Sealhunter, Patricia Scipio and John Scipio all took 3rd place in sparring. Kyle Sam got a third place win in forms competition and David Sam came in 4th in sparring.

This is the fourth complete season of the Chisasibi Kung Fu classes and it is now very well established in the community, according to instructor (“Shifu”) Jean Lauzier, who started to train at the age of 10, in 1974.

The school has grown from 16 students two years ago to 27 today.

“I have many projects for the next year. I want to give lessons to beginners in a separate class, have one person (assistant Leslie Herodier) teach the teenagers after school hours, prepare a martial arts show in Chisasibi with the students,” said Lauzier.

“But most of all, I would like to organize a tournament here in Chisasibi. I’d need help from different organizations to support our project by getting involved financially and with volunteers. Also, if there are any martial arts schools in other Cree communities, I would like to hear from you.”

Lauzier said he would also like to see the Kung Fu school located in its own building. “We could go there any time when we want to train.” But the cost would be high and a lot of fundraising will have to be done to achieve this goal, he said. “It’s more a dream than anything else… But who knows?”

One of the other students, David Sam, has designed a new crest to exclusively represent the Chisasibi school. It was not available to show it in The Nation at press time, but watch for it in an upcoming issue.

Lauzier plans to go to a Shaolin institute in Boston next fall to learn more techniques and he wants to go for his third degree black belt later this year. He also plans to get back into competition and participate in tournaments next year, after over 10 years of absence.

The students are scheduled to get their new belt colours on April 27. The season will end after the tests.

Once again, congratulations to the Chisasibi Shao Lin Long Fist Kung Fu School.

To contact the school, please call (819) 855-2318.