This is something we had wanted to do after the goose-break and we thank the Creator who has made things possible for all of us; that things went well and that we are d together again in the community.

At this time, we wish to express great gratitude to the people who have come to help and support us daring our grieving period (before; during and after); people in Chisasibi, Catechists, Doctors, Nurses, outside visitors, people who call on the telephone, etc. Even the other families who were bereaved at the time still came which helped us a lot. M of these actions shown bp the people are called “love,” which helped to ease our sorrow.

Mostly, it was Hannah’s last words and actions which gave the greatest strength. Her last words were, “I love everyone,” which was shown to us by the Lord while he walked on this earth. She also said, “I see the Sun, beautiful,” and we interpret this to be the Holy Spirit (which is like a sun); “I hear people singing,” and she was asked back this same question and she replied, “Yes.” She also requested the Reverend to come and read to her the Ten Commandments and she smiled at the point where it says, “Honour thy father and thy mother.” We believed in her words.

Hannah passed away on Wednesday, February 8,1995 through God’s will. We saw that she showed no worry, nor pain because of the love shown by people who were around her and by friends. We are sure all those who came to be with her didn’t exactly know how much they have helped her. Her last words were of “Love”; and it was because it was shown to her by her family and most of all her friends, etc. Even before Hannah was sick, she was always very happy to be among children. She was happy for her cousins who had children and her request was that the children be raised properly and with lots of love. This is how we saw her, Hannah was filled with love.

Love is given from above to those who came which eased Hannah’s pain. She was always very happy to see those who came to see her, not only her friends but other people. We know there is an abundance of love in Chisasibi and for this we give many thanks.

Today, our strength is still with us and it is through you, the people who came to fill our church at our daughter’s funeral, those who came to help, support and ease our sorrow. Also, this is the reason why we thought of putting our Thank You on the air.

Last but not least, a message to all Fathers, Mothers and Grandparents: Work with your children, raise them well, because we are responsible for them. Teach them the Ten Commandments, give them love, laughter and happiness. When we see what we have done with our children, to be the kind of children they should be, only then will our hearts be uplifted; we will feel better; and our sorrows will be lighter should our children pass on this life before us.

Again, Watchya to all and last of all, a kiss to all friends of our late daughter Hannah, the young women who became her friends and others from the other communities, we will never forget you. We will think of you as our daughters.

There was a lot of Love and Sympathy shown by the people of Chisasibi and we will never forget you and we will keep you in our hearts forever.

RS. Message from Clifford Bearskin: Many, many thank you’s and I hope to resume my duties whenever called for.

Thank you.

Watchya! This message was read on the Chisasibi Community Radio Station by Eliza Webb on behalf of the Bearskin family. Hannah had worked in Mistissini and Chisasibi for the Cree School Board. Ed.