My Goose Break

by Charlie Dick

When we go camping my grandfather is gonna teach me everything what man does in camp, and how to set up a fishing net, and how to make wood decoys, and how to make traps, and howto kill a goose and everything that he knows.

My Goose break Story

by Cimstine Kawapit

I will go camping with my grandma Suzanne Kawapit. She is going to live with us at the camp because she likes living with us and she always teaches me how to make fishing nets and how to go get wood on my own and to go with my mother to get beaver and how to make bannock. I like my grandma. She’s really kind to us. She told me the stories of my grandpa John. I always miss him whenever my grandma talks about him. He was my favourite grandpa and I will live with my grandma Suzanne. My family and I will always remember the things she taught us.

Thank you to all teachers and students who took the time to send in their work.

My Goose Break

by Andrea Mamiamscum

When we go camping, my grandmother will teach me everything what she did in the old times. I’ll cook caribou and after I’ll help my grandmother. She will tell me to put spruce boughs on the ground. Then after I finish everything my grandmother or my grandfather, they’ll speak to me or they’ll tell me what they did in the old times. Then after that if my grandfather or my uncles and my father if they kill some geese, I’ll pluck them and my grandmother will help me to cook or pluck the geese. And I will get water if we don’t have any water. And after that I’ll look for spruce boughs. And after I pluck some geese and cook the goose, I’ll eat the goose. My grandmother will teach me how to put the spruce toughs on the ground.

My Goose Break Story

by Mario Rupert

When we go to our goose break camp, I’m going to go hunting with my brother and my father and my father will say help me place the goose decoys in the water. Then geese will come and we will shoot them. And we take them home and mom will pluck them. Then she will cook them and we will eat, and my brother and I will go bird hunting and if we kill some birds, we will give them to our grandmother and she will cook them. And when it’s 10 o’clock, we will go to sleep and in the morning if it’s cold I will not go with him. And I will just chop some wood for the fire and get spruce boughs for our tipi.