Valentine’s Day is upon us. I can already hear some guys and no doubt a few girls saying, “Damn, what to do, what to do?” The crass commercialization of Valentine’s Day means you are expected to get a card, flowers, chocolates or something for the sweet tooth and follow it up with supper, perhaps a movie or dancing or something. Many add a little or big gift just to say, “I love you” with a little emphasis.

I’ve always tried to add a little personal touch to that holiday. One year I went into a flower shop to buy some roses and asked how much it would cost for some rose petals.  To my delighted surprise they gave them to me for free. I had a huge bag of them so I made a path to the washroom where I had a hot bath waiting. The bath had her favourite oils and bath salts in it. There were scented candles and a bottle of chilled white wine. I also set up romantic music.

While she bathed I finished supper. It was her favourite meal with roses and candlelight. A little word of warning about rose petals and beds. They can stain bed sheets if they are left on during bedroom exercises.

Another time I took a silver cigarette case and filled it with poems rolled up the size of cigarettes. I told her whenever she felt down to pull one out. They were a combination of love and inspirational verses. There were 25 poems and she made them last over two months and then asked for a refill. It was a simple gift yet one that had meaning for the both of us.

People may say so but nothing is cheap about telling someone you love him or her through a letter. Think about the qualities that you appreciate in your significant other and your relationship. Write down those thoughts. They will appreciate how much you appreciate them. No one minds flattery especially when it is true and you show how much you value them.

Another idea is to put notes all over the place. One girlfriend did this to me and I was finding them months later. Each time I came across one it brought a smile to my face and I bounced through the day floating on Cloud Nine.

Some people give love coupons. They can be good for a hair wash with a scalp massage, a guilt-free night out with the boys or the girls, a full-body massage (more popular than the foot massage), a night of dancing, a night at their favourite restaurant, breakfast in bed, flowers or a romantic picnic. The sky is the limit where your imagination is a must to make it work.

Yes, I am a romantic and believe romance has an important place in every couple’s life. You don’t need to spend a lot of money but you have to make the time to make Valentine’s Day special for the both of you. Good luck and have a fun love-filled future.