As I sit by the window contemplating what I could write for Rez Notes, I try to find some source of personal inspiration or motivation. Politics? Education? Health issues? The NHL lockout? Nope, none of these topics kick me into gear. But sitting by the window isn’t the wisest of choices when trying to find this inspirational boost. With the view in front of me, I can’t help but be overcome with the beauty of Mother Nature’s masterful artwork once again. She never ceases to amaze me with all the splendor of this colourful season; the changing of the leaves, the vast endless fields of pumpkins displayed at the markets, the bushels of mouth-watering apples that seem to be for sale around each corner. Each season seems to bring a breath of fresh air in some magical way. Spring gives that little extra skip to your step. Summer brings us those extra long days to sip iced-tea and catch up with friends and family. The crisp fresh air of fall seems to bring a sense of comfort as we slowly ease back into our usual busy routines. As for winter, well we all know what that brings: presents (for the ones that made the Nice List anyway).

Yup, each of these four magnificent seasons has their moments of glory. Although I must say, this one is my favourite. I just can’t say enough about the colours. Unfortunately, however beautiful this time of year is, the colourful leaves fall from the trees too quickly. This only reminds us not only the hours of yard work ahead of us, but that the next season is fast approaching.

But it also gives us the time to reflect on what we accomplished in the season before. Bungee jump: check. Run a marathon: check. Learn to ride a bike: put on the to-do-next-summer list. Parachute jumping: again to do next summer.

The list goes on, but it just seems that seasons go by too fast these days. This whole ageing thing does play a huge factor. Could the saying that, “the older you get the faster time flies,” be true?

Reflecting back, I realize that Christmas has been sneaking up on us real fast these days, maybe even a little too fast. I don’t remember it coming by this quickly when I was growing up. As a matter of fact, it seemed to take a lifetime to get from one December to the next. But these days, BOOM, you wake up one day and realize the office Christmas party is tonight and you still haven’t bought a gift for the person’s name you picked for the office Christmas Gift Exchange. You clearly remember that last year’s gift just didn’t cut it; you immediately realized this when you placed your small but cute gift bag with the other moderately larger elegant gift bags with the red velvet ribbon, that perhaps you might have been the only one who respected the $15 limit (didn’t this include taxes?). You brush it off convincing yourself that the theory of nice things come in smaller packages is actually true. Needless to say, I thought it was a nice pen.

Yup, it’s only now that I realize that I took too much time in enjoying the majestic beauty of this season, only to realize now that I have 76 shopping days left! (at press time) When calculated, it adds up to only about five more paydays!

Will I even meet the Christmas deadline this year? Will the Big Guy up at the North Pole get my letters on time? Did I even make the Nice List this year (I wonder if there’s a “Most of the Time Nice List”?) Will I finish paying off the summer vacation bills in time to start buying for Christmas? Did I even finish paying off last year’s Christmas bills? Those damn leaves – they don’t look so magical anymore.