Unfortunately the PAMS (Police recording computer system) wasn’t able to give a regular update of occurrences. In the past two weeks things have been quiet compared with the previous period.

The one continual area of concern is the amount of Break-ins occurring in recent weeks. There were three more break and enters of significance during this period:

Neoskweskau Memorial Arena was broken into Nov. 9 and about $200 stolen. There are three youth suspects – two have been met, questioned and charged. Most of the stolen money has been returned.

Mistissini Daycare was also broken into during daylight hours the same weekend. A small safe was stolen and smashed (later recovered on the street). Stolen were about $300 cash, a cheque for $200 and a Palm Pilot. There is one youth that has been questioned and charged after attempting to cash the cheque at a local store.

Police received a call of a break in at K’s Corner Store where there was one suspect still in the store. Upon arrival police found one youth hiding in the storage area. The store cash register was recovered outside slightly damaged but with no loss of money.

Having been involved with the Mistissini Police on many occasions and assisting in their annual reporting over the past 10 years, I can say that although the crime rate shows a rise, crime fighting has also increased in merit. One reason for noting a rise in crime are the police statistics – this can also be considered positive, as it means there is more police intervention. That means more arrests and more crimes solved. Community-based policing (also called proactive policing) has also been a positive step.

In the last issue there was mention of the postponement of Halloween trick or treating until Saturday, November I, in the afternoon. In speaking with many parents on this date, Director Blacksmith advised that the community was in favour of the move due to the circumstance and some went as far as to say that they hoped in future years the same would happen.

This past week Officer Stanley Neeposh was recognized in Quebec City for 15 years of service. Congratulations to Stanley Neeposh and all other police past and present for their dedication to the safety and well-being of our community members throughout the Cree Nation.