POW WOW SEASON IS UPON US ONCE AGAIN. It’s a time to see old friends and meet new ones from all over. It’s a time of celebration, tradition and enjoyment.

The Nation went on the Pow Wow trail to Pow Wows in Ottawa and Toronto. T.O.’s 3rd International Pow Wow was held in the Skydome in early May. Our man on the spot had already eaten before he got to the Pow Wow so he couldn’t try any of the tasty looking Indian tacos that were available. But he did sip some freshly brewed strawberry juice while standing on the astroturf. Many a drum group and singer was present to enliven the proceedings.

Audience members were invited to participate in a blanket dance, during which a blanket was placed in the centre of the dance space. Donations were placed on the blanket for the family of Dudley George, the Chippewa man who was shot by police last summer during the Ipperwash protest.

Notables present included Charles and Hazel Esau and Mary and Stacey Bear of Waskaganish.

The Odawa Pow Wow celebrated its 20th anniversary with a traditional event. Gone were the dance competitions with their cash prizes. This made for a friendlier atmosphere. Maybe that’s why it didn’t rain this year.