Waskaganish’s very own Francine Weistche travelled to the other end of Canada this month to take part in the True North Concert in Inuvik, NWT.

Francine sang a Cree hymn and the song Diamonds In The Rain. There were 20 other performers, including the Quebec Inuit heavy metal group “Ungava,” lots of fiddlers and dancers.

Francine also had a chance to meet Tom Jackson, Randall Prescott (Susan Aglukark’s manager) and Randall’s wife, Tracy, who is a singer. “I made a lot of new friends.”

What did she think of Inuvik? “I was really surprised at the sun,” Francine commented. “One day we came out of rehearsal at around 10:30 at night and it looked like 4 in the afternoon. I thought my watch was broken!” Francine reports that the sun went down at 2 a.m. and rose again at 4 a.m.