ABIP LP, a Cree initiative that focuses on First Nation entrepreneurship and business development, launched a new, secured web 2.0-based toolbox platform aimed at supporting Native communities when starting their own business.

Launched on February 2 at the Waskaganish First Nation Business Conference, the platform was presented to community members and Economic Development Officers.

According to ABIP, a Waskaganish company, the idea behind the new platform is to centralize all the relevant information for starting a First Nation business, as well as providing proper guidance throughout the process.

“The number of Cree-owned businesses is growing. With a dynamic young labour force waiting in the wings, there is no doubt that the number of entrepreneurs will continue rising, among the Crees and other First Nation communities. There is a real desire for new types of businesses. In that context, we thought it was important that practical tools be made available in order to facilitate First Nation business creation processes,” said Jonathan Allard, vice-president of ABIP.

Waskaganish Chief Steve Diamond was impressed by the web tool. “I saw right away a zillion opportunities for my community. It is definitely something we’ve needed for a long time. Simple yet powerful…a one stop shop for anybody involved in economic development.”

For more information, go to: www.abip.ca