Usually, results from band council elections are made available in the hours following the closing of poll stations. But Mistissini voters had to wait almost two days to find out who was leading or elected in the first round of polling July 15. More than 27 hours after polls closed at 8:00 pm that Tuesday, residents finally received some information.

There will be a run-off election between Henry Mianscum and incumbent Richard Shecapio for chief. The post of deputy chief will see a face off between Gerald Longchap and John S. Matoush.

Elected to sit on the Mistissini band council are Maggie M. Spencer, Lucy Trapper, Alfred Coonishish, Noah Coonishish, Shawn Iserhoff, William Macleod and Jerry Matoush.


In the run-off election held on July 24, incumbent Chief Richard Shecapio won with 52% of the vote. Gerald Longchap was elected as the new Deputy Chief with 61% of the vote.