mistissini-powwow-2014-1Niimuuhiikan 2014, our second powwow held in Mistissini on August 22-24, was a true success once again. The weather was great, making the whole event possible outdoors. Poplar Singers from North Bay were our host drum with Northern Voice from Wemotaci as co-host. Northern Medicine, Black Wolf, Moosetown and Stormcloud made up the other drum groups. We had 60-70 dancers at any time on the powwow grounds of Cree, Algonquin, Oneida, Manawan, Wemotaci, Masteuiatsh, led by our head dancers Gabriel Whiteduck and Paula Menarick. Our MC Kirby Mianscum did an incredible job as usual, as did our Arena Manager Dean.

mistissini-powwow-2014-2The turnout by the public was fantastic; the powwow committee really appreciated that. We also had many new Mistissini powwow dancers this year, which tells us it’s going to grow.

There are many people involved in the organizing of this event. Many took personal time to meet and then work for the three days we needed them. Volunteers are hard to find these days but we pulled it off.

Many thanks to our committee members Alice, Pam, Scott, Sheena, Robyn, Georgina, Mary, Brendan, Priscilla, Betty Anne and those who came to help: Jim, Bjorn, Elder Thomas Coon and others – all your hard work really was worth it.

Next year we will look at planning with the Oujé-Bougamau powwow, as many liked our powwows a week apart and got to stay to visit our communities for a while longer. Next year we want 10 drums and dancing for three days, so keep in touch with our website mistpowwow.com or Facebook mistissini powwow group. Lots of pictures have and will be posted. Thank you all and see you next year.

By the way, Mistissini was given an Eagle Staff by Redfern Mianscum and I was given the honour to keep it for our powwow family. Mii-kwetch Redfern!


Luke MacLeod

Event Coordinator