This Eighth Annual Mamoweedow Gathering on the Island of Fort George, held between July 24 and 28, was for once near-perfect in terms of weather conditions, participation by the remaining former Islanders and means of access to the Island.

Exception made for the first rainy day, the remaining ones were warm and sunny. Many of the usual popular events and more took place with a record-breaking participation. Means of access were largely improved thanks to an operational barge and excellent shuttle bus system.

Then there were the feasts (corn, goose), the dances and talent shows. All the smiles and happy faces of the former Islanders said it all. To the Elders of Chisasibi, this represents their history and legacy.

That’s why this year saw a support group created towards the official recognition by the Council and Cree Nation of Chisasibi of Mamoweedow as a special cultural event, thus creating a permament committee with a board of directors to coordinate all activities on a regular yearly basis.