In loving memory of my late grandmother, Hellen Jolly, who passed away on November 11, 1994, at the age of 83.

She lived in Nemaska. She had 53 grandchildren as well as three sisters and three brothers.

Many knew her as a close friend. To me she was a special grandmother, almost like a mother and grandmother in one. I say this because of the way she trusted me and the times we spent alone together ever since I was a child.

She was a grandmother who loved to take care of us. She had respect and a lot of patience with all of us, and she was held in high respect in our family. And, I repeat, she was the greatest influence throughout my life.

As I stood before her casket, I recalled all of the enjoyable times we shared together over the years. I remember particularly one time when I went to visit her when I had a problem. She gave me wise advice that I’ll never forget as long as I live.

She called to me as I was about to leave and told me not to take drugs or drink alcohol any more. She told me the reason why I shouldn’t do it is so many young Crees are killing themselves that way, and by trying to drown their sorrows they are just hurting themselves.

In closing, I would like to say again that all the affection we had for one another and the many times she shared her wisdom and caring with me will always be part of me.

Her Loving Grandson Jackson Jolly, Nemaska