Attending university provided me the opportunity to upgrade my organizational skills as well as to access information that was not easily available outside. Being self-motivated to begin with, university was the ideal environment to exercise this trait. University requires people to be independent workers and actively contribute to the courses.

Today, a higher education is important for everybody. Students develop their ability to communicate, along with self-discipline and time-management skills needed throughout life. I found the university environment is great for refining one’s ability to learn and interact positively with others in society.

One benefit of attending university is that there are highly knowledgeable instructors and students available to share their experiences and skills with their fellow students. By regularly attending classes and seeking the proper tutorial assistance, you can achieve your maximum potential. Consistency, punctuality and commitment to your own stated goals builds character and respect from instructors and peers.

Universities consist of many departments offering a variety of programs at different levels, from general introductory courses to doctorate. To be able to succeed through all of these, you have to know how to access the information available through instructors, departments and libraries. Yet, you also have to know how to process and work with this information.

Here, communication and learning skills are important. The ability to interact constructively and non-threateningly with faculty and peers will facilitate access to information. By communicating your opinions in a positive manner and accepting feedback from others, you hone your own learning skills through recursive interaction.

Last but not of least importance is the issue of self-discipline which I believe includes time management By organizing your time effectively, you will be prepared for classes, exams and assignment deadlines. Assuming responsibility implies defining priorities. For example, social life versus academic life which comes first; attending classes on time; producing work that’s appropriate in style, format and appearance, to name a few.

For me, coming from the Cree Nation of Chisasibi, attending university allowed me to meet and interact with people of many different ages and nationalities. This was a learning experience in itself. As well, I have improved my ability to learn which will benefit me and my people throughout my life. This alone is self-motivating because I’ll be able to pass on what I’ve learned to my children and also to help the youth in my community.

I hope that my experiences will prove that with hard work anyone can succeed at colleges or university.

Special thanks to Barbara Reney for proofreading and editing.