In old movies, whenever you hear background sounds and talking, the audio is almost always faked to enhance the effect of the visual art of the film. One such sound was the crowded room background, people talking to each other, just out of range and just indiscernible enough to convince you that there were people talking in the background. That was usually the walla sound effect. It literally was the overdubbing of several people saying walla walla walla over and over again. Depending on the scene, the walla walla walla would either intensify or subtly hint at laughter or other tones.

During the Harper years, the walla effect was overladen with ominously urgent and downright disturbing. Today the background walla walla walla is more a warble warble warble sound. The sound of cooing, oohing and ahhing over Justin Trudeau, the world’s sexiest leader. What more could a country want for Christmas?! I feel so good about Justin that I feel like giving blood for science and humanity. With Harper, it always felt like he was out for my blood.

Because the World Environment Day’s 2015 slogan (Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume With Care), the world realized that hey, the world doesn’t have to be so hard on itself, take it easy and quit smoking smog and let up on the contribution to world climate changes. Sell some air to China, instead of iron ore wrought from corruption and deception. Once I told an elderly man that soon we should sell air to China. He scoffed. But hey, we have clean water and air, so let’s keep it that way.

With this new government, the old oppressive ways seem to be sliding away quickly. Take the legalizing of marijuana. In one fell swoop, crime decreased because potentially five million people are now law-abiding citizens. This releases the police to work on real crimes, like missing and murdered people. The income and taxes from the existing market could probably eliminate or alleviate greatly the deficits of the country that is bankrupting itself by maintaining such archaic laws. The liquor boards are already bidding to be the main distributors as their network is far and reaching. Most likely you will see changes, mainly for the better, not even mentioning the medical contributions and savings.

The issues of residential schools and the legacy of sorrows were met with dignity, humility and honour by our infallible leader. This is respect indeed from one who has traversed this great nation and understands the country and its peoples and not with just its financial interests in mind. Hopefully, racism will lessen and be cast aside for information, teachings, understandings, compassion and the camaraderie required to get and honest job done.

I could warble on and on about Justin, but what I see and hear, I like. I haven’t liked a leader this much in my life. I must be getting soft or wishy washy or maybe it’s the upcoming holidays and festivities. Anyhoo, I wish you all the best for these holidays. Don’t slip on icy sidewalks or drive too quickly through blinding snowstorms, just take it easy when you can!